Some people quit the process of learning guitar within the first few months. There are many reasons for people to quit playing the guitar.

  • Finding complicated to play your favourite songs
  • Realizing there are many good guitarists than you
  • Getting involved in other work and not finding time to practice the guitar

From the above reasons, it is clear one has to stay motivated to keep playing the guitar in life. Here we will have some tips to make you keep playing the guitar.

How to keep you motivated playing guitar?

Learn and Play the Guitar at home

The best 5 tips to keep you playing the guitar are as follows:

  1. Play guitar with other musicians
  2. Spend quality time
  3. Incentives and goals
  4. Remind yourself about the benefits of playing the guitar
  5. Learn from the best

Play guitar with other musicians:

The practice is the best to learn many things in life. Some people practice in a home for a longer time. This will give them a lonely experience. So, it is better to play the guitar with other guitarists. This will help you to learn many new things on the guitar.

Some people may play the guitar for a longer time. Staying with them will help you to correct errors in your playing technique. You can also watch a good player and learn magic things about the guitar.

Avoid distractions and spend time

You will get free time during weekends or holidays. Set aside such time to spend playing guitar. As soon as you sit to play the guitar, ensure that there are no distractions. Some people may use mobile phones between playing the guitar. Some people may watch TV while playing the guitar. Such activities are not good while practising the guitar.

Distractions due to outside factors are one of the worst reasons that eat your quality time. Plan a schedule and follow it without any distractions.

Incentives and goals

Before you start to learn playing the guitar, you need to set some goals and targets. Such a goal will help you to keep playing the guitar. There are some proven methods to increase your level of playing the guitar. They are

  • Following routine finger exercises
  • Becoming easy to refer to chord charts
  • Playing the metronome

Never put a limit on your goals and targets. You can improve your style of playing at any time. There are no age limits for you to learn the guitar.

Remind yourself about the benefits of playing guitar

Playing guitar provides you with many benefits such as

  • Good for mental health
  • Increases your skill and concentration
  • Provides patience
  • Improves time management

So, you have many benefits to playing the guitar. Also, one will get some physical benefits of playing the guitar such as

  • Finger flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Ambidexterity

Learn from the best

Some professional musicians conduct online classes over video chat applications. You can make use of such classes to learn new techniques for playing the guitar. It is helpful for you to choose the best guitarist, as a teacher. You will learn good things from such teachers. These were the top tips to help you keep playing the guitar.