In India, guitarists can be seen everywhere. Whether it is a small town or a metro-city, you will surely spot a guy or a girl carrying a guitar on the shoulders. After all, talent is everywhere. Guitars are musical instruments with strings, and they come in many sizes, forms, and types. When their strings are strummed after placing fingers on particular frets, the instrument’s player becomes capable of creating new tunes. Such tunes soothe the ears as well as the soul once you learn the skill well.

Out of all the famous types of guitars, the most popular one in our country is the acoustic guitar. Such guitars are known to never need amplification, which means that you do not require enhancing their sounds as they already have a hollow body, which helps in creating sound resonance. The body catches the strings’ vibrations and makes the guitar sound well without the need for an amplifier. For a small crowd, you won’t even require speakers.

But we have seen that you might not end up with the one you imagined in your mind when you head out to buy an acoustic guitar. We are asking you not to settle for anything less because we have something for you today. Yes, we have a list of the top 10 acoustic guitars that you can easily get your hands on in India in 2022 . Besides describing the details of these ten guitars, we have also mentioned their pros and cons and a buying guide.

Let’s get started with everything –

1. JUAREZ Acoustic Guitar

JUAREZ Acoustic Guitar

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When discussing Acoustic Guitars, one cannot omit the guitars from JUAREZ. This particular guitar by them has a 38-inch cutaway and comes with a bag where you can store it well. There are 18 frets in this acoustic guitar, and it also comes in a glossy finish. For black lovers, this guitar is like a dream come true. Besides the bag for storage and portability, you will also receive two picks and extra strings with it. Both the picks are so good that they can tweak and strum any types of guitar strings.

With an innovative design and a stylish overall look, this acoustic guitar is what you have always been searching for in India. As far as its material is concerned, its fingerboard is made using Linden wood, while the fretboard is exclusively created using Ebony wood. The guitar has already fixed steel strings. Therefore, there won’t be instances when it will occasionally break like other strings. The overall wooden frame is also known to create high echo so that the sound quality of the acoustic guitar is amazing, even without an amplifier.


  • The glossy design of this acoustic guitar by JUAREZ looks unique and stylish.
  • Its strings are made using steel, which is known not to break easily ever.
  • It has a 38-inch cutaway, and you will find 18 frets in it.


  • We do not have any cons of this amazing acoustic guitar by JUAREZ.

2. Intern Acoustic Guitar INT-38C

Intern Acoustic Guitar INT-38C

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You can pick this acoustic guitar from four different colors: red, black, blue, and sunburst. However, many people either go with black and sunburst as both of them are classic yet timeless. The most amazing part of this acoustic guitar is that it is not priced that high. Therefore, even when you do not have a high budget, you will be capable of buying and owning it very easily. Additionally, it can reach anywhere in India. This is good news for people who live in small towns without access to a good music store.

Besides a free bag for carrying and storing the guitar, you will also receive some extra guitar strings and three picks, which are also known as plectrums. With a 38-inch cutaway and 18 frets in total, this acoustic guitar will help you invent some amazing tunes and take you very far in your music journey. Its bridge is made from plastic, but its frame is created using high-quality Linden wood. Furthermore, it comes in a natural glossy finish, and like the acoustic guitar previously mentioned, this one also has strings made from steel.


  • For those of you who find guitars extremely costly, this can be a great option.
  • Its overall construction is very smooth, and you will never come across any flaws.
  • You can choose this fantastic acoustic guitar from four different colors.


  • This acoustic guitar is more suitable for beginners than it is for advanced level guitar players.
  • Its design may vary a little from its pictures that you will find online.

3. JUAREZ JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar

JUAREZ JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar

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We love and appreciate JUAREZ a lot; therefore, we thought of one more addition of an acoustic guitar by them to be made here. This guitar has six strings and comes in a natural finish. Like many other guitar deals, you will get extra strings and a guitar bag in this deal. However, you will only get two free picks. The best thing is that this is one of the few guitars in the country known for its excellent sound quality. You will find many affordable guitars in the market, but what matters the most is its sound quality.

The product always offers a rich and smooth sound courtesy of its solid wood construction. It is an ideal guitar for the country, folk, and rock genre. For easy holding, it is also equipped with a good cutaway. Therefore, even when you are playing this guitar while standing, you will hold it well without straining your arms. Moreover, we also appreciate the string height in this instrument. A good string height lets you move your fingers on the frets freely without hitting the wrong thing. Choose this acoustic guitar now!


  • The tuning pegs of this guitar are very smooth and easy to move.
  • You will get a pair of picks, a nylon gig bag, and a shoulder strap in this deal and the acoustic guitar.
  • Its back and body are both created using the fantastic Blackwood.


  • The color of this acoustic guitar is not the first choice for a few people.

4. Breve BRE-38C-RD Acoustic Guitar

Breve BRE-38C-RD Acoustic Guitar

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You get color options when you purchase this acoustic guitar. These colors are – red, blue, black, and natural. However, the product’s red and blue versions will have hints of black color on the edges. If you are not a fan of such designs and want to have a plain design in guitars, you must go with the natural or black version. With a revolutionary configuration and design, this guitar will let you enjoy marvelous sound all the time. You can use it to practice your music at any time, yet it will never give up on being as amazing as it is.

For holding it well, you can use the shoulder strap that comes with it, and everything will become easy for you when you are in a gig or show. Since it is lightweight, it is known to be ultra-portable. Let’s not forget that it also comes with a gig-bag that makes the job even easier. Other than that, its resonance is simply unsurpassed. It is better than most acoustic guitars that you will come across in the local instrument stores near you. Also, all the additional accessories that come with the guitar are as qualitative as the guitar.


  • The resonance of this guitar is better than most of the guitars in the market.
  • Its price is low, yet its sound quality is amazingly high.
  • The color options you get in this are all very unique.
  • The shoulder strap in the set is very strong.


  • Some people do not get impressed with the black colored hints on the red and blue versions of this instrument.

5. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar

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Nothing will ever go wrong if you stick to picking an acoustic guitar by Kadence. From the sound quality to the build of their guitars, everything is just marvelous. Today, we are here with their blue guitar from the Frontier series. This guitar looks good, but it will also make you feel good when you play tunes in it. It has also been the first choice of many guitar players across the country. Imagine how stylish it will look once you start taking it to every gig that you land on. It is suitable guitar for beginners as well as advanced guitar players.

There are six strings in it, and its body is made using the Spruce Wood. However, the manufacturers of this instrument have used Rosewood as its Fretboard material. From such good quality woods in the design, you know for sure how long this acoustic guitar will be with you. Apart from that, we would also tell our readers that its strings are made using stainless steel. This way, they will never rust or break easily. For guitar players who have just begin learning string breakage can be annoying. So, pick this if you are someone like that.


  • The manufacturers of this instrument have used Rosewood as well as Spruce Wood in the design.
  • The resonance of this acoustic guitar is truly exceptional.
  • Other than the basic accessories, you will also get a guitar tuner in this deal.


  • We do not have any cons of this acoustic guitar.

6. Photron Acoustic Guitar

Photron Acoustic Guitar

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Next up, we have the Photron acoustic guitar. However, we would have to tell you right in the beginning that you will have to buy its gig-bag with strings separately. But even if you do, the instrument’s price still won’t feel that high when you compare it to the other options. Therefore, for beginners, this can prove to be an amazing acoustic guitar. Other than that, you should also know that you will only find it in the black design. For people who are not big fans of black guitars, we will ask you to go and look for some other option.

But the best thing is yet to be discussed. Yes, we are talking about the tuning pegs of this guitar. All six of them are so durable, and even then, they move smoothly. This way, you will be able to tune this guitar very quickly. All those panicky situations on the stage of having an untuned guitar will be hence solved. However, if you still do not get the hang of it, you can always buy a good guitar tuner. Many of these tunes can also work on ukulele and violins. Therefore, investing in one will only find multiple purposes if you own other stringed instruments as well.


  • The strings of this acoustic guitar will last for a long period.
  • The tuning pegs of the instrument are smooth and easy to use.
  • This is one of the most affordable acoustic guitars in India.


  • You will have to buy its bag and strap separately.
  • We have come across a few negative reviews regarding its sound quality.

7. Intern Acoustic Guitar with Carrying Bag and Picks

Intern Acoustic Guitar with Carrying Bag

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When a guitar does not come with a carry bag, it slightly disappoints a lot of buyers. This is because they then have to invest extra money in the bag. Most of the time, they aren’t even able to find the right fitting bag for their guitar, and we know how nobody likes that. However, you won’t have to struggle for such problems if you choose this acoustic guitar by Intern. It is ordinary to see a carry bag coming with costly guitars. But this acoustic guitar is quite affordable, yet the makers have included a carry bag. That is something we highly appreciate.

The resonance tone which is created when you strum the strings of this guitar is always warm. You should think about the ambiance. It will help you create once you choose to play it in gigs or small gatherings. After all, music can change the entire vibe of a location. Are we right? Additionally, we have seen people in India who do not buy instruments online. To those people, we want to offer reassurance saying that this acoustic guitar will reach you in the safest packaging. Thus, you won’t notice any damages. You can trust us.


  • The carry bag that comes with this acoustic guitar is made using nylon, which is very strong.
  • This bag also has pockets and a handle for better portability of the instrument.
  • The fretboard of this guitar is made using Ebony wood.
  • Its tone is very bright and warm.


  • The sound quality of this guitar still has some room for improvement.

8. Kadence Black Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Black Acoustic Guitar

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Another acoustic guitar by Kadence is the black version. Since this is a combo pack, many people pick this over a lot of options. If you purchase this acoustic guitar, you will get a stand, a tuner, three picks, capo, bag, and guitar strings. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect deal to you? And even after the inclusion of such useful items for a guitar player, the combo pack’s price will still blow your mind. Yes, it is affordable. We also like that this acoustic guitar also has many reviews on Amazon. That is how you know it isn’t counterfeit.

The product ratings are also high on most of the popular and well-known e-commercial sites here in the country. Kadence also runs many deals throughout the year. Therefore, if you get your hands on this acoustic guitar during that time, it will cost you even less. After all, we all wait for great deals no matter what we purchase. Do not worry about the instrument’s material as its body and fretboard are created using Spruce Wood and Rosewood, respectively. The guitar will never give up on you.


  • Since the instrument comes in a combo pack, many buyers like it even more.
  • The finish and material of this acoustic guitar are just top-notch.
  • Other than the fretboard, the bridge of this guitar is also made using Rosewood.


  • People who do not find the additional accessories won’t like this deal.

9. HOVNER Acoustic Guitar

HOVNER Acoustic Guitar

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This acoustic guitar is available with a full set of extra strings. This way, you will never have to run to the instrument store if you break the already attached strings on the instrument. Most of the time, people do not have such kinds of stores nearby. For this reason, the attachment of new strings gets delayed. Let’s not forget that situations like that can also cause an unwanted break in your guitar playing and practice sessions. Other than the strings, you will also get two picks which are hard enough to strum the toughest strings e.g., strings made from stainless steel.

The design of this acoustic guitar by Hovner is highly exclusive. Thus, you are not going to find many options like it in the market. It is a handcrafted product, which is why its sound quality is simply the next level. No matter what types of tunes you play, your audience will remain impressed all the time. Additionally, you can pick this guitar for all types of music genres. That is how amazing and reliable it is. Like the previously mentioned acoustic guitar, this guitar also has its fretboard made from Rosewood. You are going to love it a whole lot.


  • This guitar comes with reinforced Truss Rod and an adjustable bridge.
  • The guitar looks good and sounds good as well.
  • With great playability, it will allow you to use it for all music genres.
  • The classic black color of the instrument will impress anybody very easily.


  • A few reviews of this acoustic guitar say that it is good for advanced guitar players, but it is best for beginners’ use.

10. Photron PH38C/3TS Acoustic Guitar

Photron PH38C-3TS Acoustic Guitar

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Photron is known popularly in India to make highly affordable guitars. We have seen many music enthusiasts who want to get started with guitar playing, but they stop because thinking that guitars are not the instruments that they will be capable of affording. For such readers, we have the PH38C/3TS acoustic guitar from Photron. This guitar is exceptionally gorgeous, but the icing on the cake is its low and affordable price. You will get extra strings and strap when you purchase it; however, you won’t get a carry bag to port it around easily.

It can be your first guitar if you haven’t invested in guitars before. Once you get your hands to become free on the instrument, you can start saving up for a better and high-end option. As a stepping stone towards a magical guitar playing journey, this product is high up in our ranks. With impeccable styling, it will also offer you a high resonance. Hence, if you wish, you can take up local gigs and impress everyone in the town. For its neck material, Linden Wood is used, and for its bridge, the material used is plastic. Do not wait too long to buy this cost-effective acoustic guitar.


  • There are 18 frets in this acoustic guitar, while generally, we have only seen 16.
  • It is one of the most affordable guitars we have ever seen and can be a stepping stone for beginners who wish to play guitar.
  • From its design to its color, everything about this instrument is classic.


  • You will not get a bag in the package for carrying this acoustic guitar around.

How To Pick The Best Acoustic Guitar in India

Consider the following factors as you go on to pick an acoustic guitar. Let us discuss them –

  • Strings

The strings of a guitar are as important as its sound body and overall build. When you pick a guitar for the first time, you might want it to have the strings that won’t break easily. This is because, as a beginner changing the guitar strings will be difficult for you. Additionally, if you do not have a store nearby, you won’t even be able to find the new ones. Therefore, look for guitars options that come with reliable strings such as the ones made out of steel or stainless steel. These ones are known not to easily break even when you strum them hard.

  • Look

If you get offered gigs, the look of the guitar becomes crucial. Generally, people get pleased to choose the acoustic guitars that have a solid-colored look. However, you can also pick the ones with multi-colored hints if you want to. Anything that goes with your style will help you feel more comfortable while you are on the stage and have a spotlight over you. You can also try picking colors that not many people pick. These colors can be anything from blue to red. After all, who does not like to stand out?

  • Material

As you go out shopping for, say – a cupboard, you get concerned about its material, right? You should be concerned about your guitar’s material as well. Acoustic Guitars, in general, have a wooden body along with a wooden fretboard. The quality of the wood decides its resonance as well as its life. Therefore, you should never ignore considering it at all. According to experts, when you see materials like Ebony Wood, Rosewood, and Spruce Wood, you can be sure about everything and go on with your purchase.

  • Additional Accessories

We have witnessed many acoustic guitars today that come with a carry bag. However, the bag can be missing in the deal if the instrument is not from a high-end company/brand. You will have to take out extra money from your pocket for accessories like a guitar carry bag in such cases. So, it is always better to look for such bags when you purchase an acoustic guitar. You must also watch out for other items such as extra guitar strings, guitar strap, and a guitar tuner in the deal. Your purchase will become complete if you get such items with the acoustic guitar.

  • Cost of the Guitar

You should also consider the cost of the acoustic guitar as some guitars can be pretty expensive. Most of all, when you are a beginner, you should not spend a lot of money on an acoustic guitar straightaway. Instead, you should move step by step towards professional and high-end guitars after learning the skill. Even though all the acoustic guitars on our list are not that expensive, we will still ask you to watch out for the ones that perfectly fit your budget. Remember, when you are learning how to play guitar, it is important to have a guitar first and then think about whether you should invest in a costlier version.

Acoustic Guitars Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is an acoustic guitar? 

An acoustic guitar is a string instrument that produces acoustic music through air and string. It is the most preferred guitar type for beginners. The sound wave in the guitar string passes through the guitar body to produce splendid music. The guitar also uses the sound box to enhance the vibration and sound of the guitar. The acoustic guitar is available in different shapes, wood, strings and colour. 

  • How can I start to play an acoustic guitar? 

It may seem that playing an acoustic guitar is a long-term process. However, when getting the right entry-level acoustic guitar, you can learn it quickly. Learning basics and techniques for a month will help you to play an acoustic guitar. You can go to the guitar classes that you admire to start playing an acoustic guitar. 

  • What is the quality acoustic guitar on market? 

It is one crucial question to consider as there are plenty of low-quality models in the market. The quality guitar comes with excellent strings and amplifier. Intern, Juarez, Honvern, Kandence are some of the top acoustic guitar brands. All these guitars are affordable at the same time high in quality. Both the beginners and the advanced players are getting plenty of acoustic guitar models under these brands. 

  • How often do I need the practice to learn an acoustic guitar? 

Developing the habit of practising daily can help you to easily learn acoustic guitar. Practising at least 30 minutes in ay is essential to be proficient at this instrument. It is quite a difficult instrument to master at so years of practice are essential. 

  • How many strings does an acoustic guitar have? 

The six-string acoustic guitars are very common. Another popular variation on acoustic guitar is the 12 string guitar. Today most of these acoustics come with nylon string. The nylon-string acoustics has wide and flat necks to place them apart. 

  • What is mean by steel-string acoustic guitar? 

It is an acoustic guitar type that is used for playing bass, country, rock and folk music. These metal stringed acoustic have a sharp sound than the regular ones. The steel-string acoustic may come in nickel, iron and chrome. 

  • How to take care of an acoustic guitar? 

You can take good care of the acoustic guitar by placing it in the right place. Keeping the guitar in the car, in hot conditions or cold conditions can damage the guitar. Wiping the guitar with a lint-free cloth after every use can help you to maintain it well. Also, servicing the guitar once in a while can extend its life.

  • What size acoustic guitar should I buy? 

Many think that big size guitars are best. When thinking about the guitar body sizes the two factors that is the comfort and tone. The big size acoustic guitar produces excellent deep sounds. If you are comfortable with a full-size guitar, then you can go for the 000 guitar model. If you are comfortable with a smaller guitar, then get a 0 sized guitar with a balanced sound. 


Guitars are amazing instruments, and we cannot even fathom our love for them. We know that most of you want to get your hands on a good guitar in India. However, the guitar market has got a bit saturated, and your chances of having the right guitar without any help are relatively less. Therefore, we thought of creating a page where you can find a list of the best acoustic guitars here in India. We hope that you also consider reading the cons of these instruments as you head on to read about their pros. If you read well, you will make a good choice for sure.