Every musician knows that guitar plays an important role in enhancing the composition and adding a little touch of riffs with chords. Among all types of musical instruments, guitars are widely preferred these days, but one type is getting a significant demand over the acoustic guitar and wondering which one? Well, it is a bass guitar.

Bass guitar is one of the fun musical instruments to play, which seems a bit typical to learn in the beginning based on the number of wires, how low it sounds in terms of tremble and long neck. Every learner knows that bass guitar takes time, but it enhances the overall skill to play the lead part effectively.

You won’t be playing chords on this type of guitar, but you will fill the gap in a song and use it when the music is transitioning from intro to chorus or any other portion. The overall fact is, the bass guitar is required in almost every kind of song, and you might not even notice whether a bass guitar is used in background music or not.

If you are in India, then Bollywood music seems impossible without the classic beat or theme, but have you ever noticed bass guitar in background music? Well, all the well-known musicians, singers, rappers, and producers are using a bass guitar. There are several songs that you can name and find a bass guitar player.

Learning about such popularity pops this thought in mind that why shouldn’t I get a bass guitar also? If you are an intermediate or professional guitarist, a bass guitar will add up to your skills. The key thing is, it is just like an electric guitar and comes for an affordable price point than the other types.

It required you to pay a significant amount, but it seems worthy of what you are spending if you look at the use. A range of guitar manufacturers from all around the world is available in the Indian market. Each brand offers plenty of models, but it creates a fuss, and figuring out the best guitar seems like a hitherto daunting task.

If you are willing to get the best bass guitar, this buying guide will come in handy. Here, we made a list of important factors that you should be looking for. On the other hand, we used the same factors to develop the top 10 best bass guitars in India. It is an updated list of 2021 which include all the latest model that can enhance your overall guitar playing style.

Without wasting any more time, let’s take a deep dive and learn about the best options –

1. ESP LTD B-55 5 String Bass Guitar

ESP LTD B-55 5 String Bass Guitar

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For a learner who wants higher scales and better options while moving between scales, ESP LTD B-55 5 String Bass Guitar is the best choice. It has five string option with a wide neck to wide enough space to press wires effectively for sure.

There are five wires instead of four, which allow you to get more frets to press. The length of fret is 34,” and it is normal to provide better use. There is a position marking of dark color that matches the guitar and doesn’t look from a far distance, so it is good.


  • It is a bolt-on construction that allows you to get an easier adjustment of the truss rod.
  • This bass guitar’s body is made up of basswood, quite heavy but genuine in weight balance.
  • Rosewood fingerboard and maple neck look pretty impressive with the black theme.
  • Adjust the base with ease using split-coil features here.


  • No cons reported.

2. Ibanez GSR180 – BK Bass Guitar

Ibanez GSR180 – BK Bass Guitar

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To master basics or begin your bass guitar experience, Ibanez is a quite a reputed brand to opt for. Ibanez GSR180 – BK bass guitar is widely popular for the affordable price but quality sound options. Looks won’t be the issue as if you buy this guitar.

It has a GSR4 maple neck, and there is a single-coil pickup used in this bass guitar. There are a total of 22 frets, and the weight balance is good enough to hold this guitar with ease. The tuning machine works perfectly, but it requires readjustment after every couple of days.

Pros –

  • It is a four-string bass guitar with incredible sound.
  • There are a total of 22 frets with a wide neck for a better experience.
  • Black color looks impressive and attract this guitar.

Cons –

  • It gets slightly noisy at higher basses.

3. Dean Custom Zone Bass guitar

Dean Custom Zone Bass guitar

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When performing in a live concert, an attractive looking guitar can pull out more attention. The same goes for nuclear blue Dean Custom Zone Bass guitar. It is a 20-fret bass guitar, and the body is made up of Alder’s body.

The shape is simple, but the tuning machine is highly reliable about this guitar. It has split pickup to adjust the volume, bass, output, and other factors. It also has a sealed die-cast tuner to tune all the wires instantly, even in noise.

Pros –

  • Die-cast tuner allows you to tune the bass guitar easily.
  • It has a 20 frets elder body to provide a better range.
  • The mid and high are perfect with this guitar and produce perfect sound.
  • The split tuner allows you to get better adjustment options while performing.

Cons –

  • It comes for a slightly expensive price tag.

4. Vault PJ Style 4-String Bass Guitar

Vault PJ Style 4-String Bass Guitar

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In case you are looking for something affordable, attractive, and a dual-tone finish, then Vault PJ Style 4-String Bass Guitar can easily grab your attention. It has chrome-plated tuning pegs that look impressive and highly attractive.

It has a maple body neck, which makes this guitar slightly better in look. The neck width is 42mm allowing you to press wires with ease. Even having a four-string bass guitar is better for beginners, helping you master the basics.

Pros –

  • Get better speed while moving between due to less width of the neck.
  • Play mid and low with better quality due to single-coil pickup.
  • The dual-tone looks impressive, and this guitar sound impressive.
  • It comes for a way more affordable price point for sure.

Cons –

  • It gets noisy on higher bass and higher scales.

5. Yamaha TRBX174 TRBX Series Electric Bass Guitar

Yamaha TRBX174 TRBX Series Electric Bass Guitar

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Yamaha is a well-liked guitar manufacturer and offers a range of musical products along with quality after-sale services. All these factors ensure that Yamaha TRBX174 TRBX Series Electric Bass Guitar will be a great deal to opt for.

It comes for a mid-range price point. The maple neck looks eye-catchy and having four-string mean easy to play option. The single-coil pickup is upgraded for better sound picking and provide a great experience. The weight balance is impressive here.

Pros –

  • It is a reliable choice for the mid-range price points with great after-sale services.
  • Pick-up provides a quality experience even while connected to large speakers.
  • The looks are pretty unique, and it is the eye-catchy bass guitar of choice.
  • Accessories are included with this package to ensure better value for money.

Cons –

  • The tuning machine is very sensitive and takes time to scale all the wires.

6. Kadence Chronicle Series Electric Bass Guitar

Kadence Chronicle Series Electric Bass Guitar

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Have you ever heard about Kadence? Most professional guitarists know about the brand Kadence based on its key qualities for a mid-range price tag. The brown color looking Kadence Chronicle Series Electric Bass Guitar is one of the unique options here.

It has ash neck material of hard Maple, which makes it highly reliable in sturdiness. The fingerboard is made of hard maple wood, and there are four-wire tuning machines here. The split output allows you to get better versatility while playing this guitar.

Pros –

  • The body is sturdy, and weight balance in incredibly reliable.
  • The design is impressive, and the color finish is eye-catchy.
  • It has four wires with a credible tuning machine peg.
  • It supports strings from String .45 to .130.

Cons –

  • The outer surface is a fingerprint magnet; It gets dirty quite easily.

7. Washburn T12B Bass Guitar

Washburn T12B Bass Guitar

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As if you want well-designed in terms of sound, scaling, weight balance, and built quality, then Washburn T12B Bass Guitar is a great choice. It is providing you great sound and an incredible look with its black color body and brown color neck part.

It has a Taurus Bass Series body shape, and there is a bolt-on fretboard that makes it reliable. The build quality is highly reliable and provides a better experience while playing songs on this guitar.

Pros –

  • There are 24 frets allowing you a wide scale.
  • It has a p-style pickup to provide better sound output always.
  • It has a bridge hardtail tuner for easier use and better features.
  • The looks are impressive and build sturdy also.

Cons –

  • It feels slightly overpriced based on the features.

8. Hertz HZBP Rosewood 21 Jumbo Frets Bass Guitar

Hertz HZBP Rosewood 21 Jumbo Frets Bass Guitar

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Herts is a famous bass guitar manufacturer that provides a great deal at lower price points. If you want something affordable to begin your musical journey or to learn bass guitar, then going with Hertz HZBP Rosewood 21 Jumbo Frets Bass Guitar is a perfect choice.

The bridge is a chrome diecast classic, and it provides better pitch. There are four wires with this guitar, and each one produces a clear sound. The only issue is, it has single-coil pick up which might get noisy when you are trying to achieve better speeds.

Pros –

  • It has a hi-gross finish to enhance the overall look.
  • The build is genuine quality for the price point you are paying.
  • The 34″ scale ensures that you get wide-scale to play with ease.
  • The overall design is impressive and eye-catchy here.

Cons –

  • The weight balance is poor and takes time to adjust.

9. Orange O Bass 4 String Bass Guitar

Orange O Bass 4 String Bass Guitar

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If you like round shaped old-style bass guitar, then going with the purchase of Orange O Bass 4 String Bass Guitar can catch your attention. It is a single-cutaway four-string bass guitar with a premium-looking design in all kinds to grab your attention.

This guitar is best in terms of output as it has a split-coil humbucker pickup, and it can get you smooth as well as perfect sound. The noise reduction is impressive, and it provides the best sound in all kinds. You can master tone as well as a volume with this bass guitar.

Pros –

  • It has a nickel top-loading saddle bridge for easier use.
  • You are getting an open gear tuner to play the lead portion effectively.
  • Dual-action truss rod, easy to adjust, and highly reliable for sure.
  • The looks are highly impressive, and it looks old-styled option.

Cons –

  • The after-sale services of this brand are slightly poor.

10. Warwick Rock Bass Corvette Electric Bass Guitar

Warwick Rock Bass Corvette Electric Bass Guitar

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When it comes to Warwick Rock Bass Corvette Electric Bass Guitar, you can’t be wrong due to the features it has. You can feel secure with the purchase of this bass guitar because it packs a range of features in one place. It is a four-string electric bass guitar with a humbucker tuner inside it.

You won’t have to worry about the durability or looks of the guitar as it has a 3-piece laminated Maple neck. The overall design looks impressive, and the style is quite reliable here. The color option is incredible, and you won’t be having any issues.

Pros –

  • The build quality is impressive, and it is one of the sturdy options.
  • The scale is 34″ long, and you get great versatility while playing on this guitar.
  • There is a split-coil humbucker pickup for better sound output in all cases.
  • Red transparent satin looks incredible, and one of the collectible colors.

Cons –

  • It is pricey, and the brand is not good for after-sale services in India.

How to Choose a Bass Guitar?

Bass guitars are unique from a normal guitar because they work with a microphone, amp, and fewer strings. The design is similar in terms of look, but the operation is a replica of an electric guitar. You have four thick wires that give you higher bass, and when playing lead portion, you are getting a better mix with the song. Selecting the best bass guitar is impossible if you don’t know about the basics of the guitar. So, here is a list of key factors that you should be looking after –

  • Type of use

The primary factor is to learn about the type of use because bass guitars are available for a wide number of price points. For a learner of bass guitar, going with a basic model is good to start. But if you are an intermediate and master the lead playing part, you need a genuine bass guitar.

As the need varies, the right bass guitar varies. For someone who likes to perform, there is a need for attractive looking bass guitar, which has a reliable pickup to provide the best mix. On the other hand, the budget varies based on the type and need. Due to this, finalize that why you want a bass guitar.

Beginners are unsure about their talent, and it would be a better choice with a base model or an intermediate option to avoid facing any problem. It would be better for a bass guitar enthusiast to invest more for richer tonewoods, better electronics, and quality hardware.

  • Consider Construction

To ensure that you are getting a reliable bass guitar, taking a close look at its construction is important. There are a few important sections or parts that you shouldn’t be missing at all.

  • Neck – Take a close look at the neck, check for the fretboard, width of the neck, and how much frets are there. These things usually stay the same, but it varies with few brands. A nice quality neck of the bass guitar provides a better grip.
  • Tuning Machine – To tune your bass guitar, you need a tuning machine. It is already equipped at the head part of the guitar. That’s why it is called Headstock. It is used to adjust the tension on the string, and a well-made tuning machine provides the best use. You can find different types of tuning pegs, but the work is the same.
  • Fretboard – Checking out the material used in the fretboard manufacturing can help you get a quality option. Rosewood, Maple, and ebony are three widely preferred material which can ensure a better use. A quality fretboard has qualities like smooth, dense, and hard in terms of feel. These are round with a large radius, but you can find almost flat guitar fretboards.
  • Truss Rod – In every guitar, a truss rod plays an important role in keeping fretboard in the right position. Bass guitar has thick wires, which can create lots of tension on the fretboard and break it, but the truss rod keeps everything into the place. A normal guitar truss rod is thin, but it can’t be of similar thickness with the bass guitar, so consider a good quality thickness in the fretboard to ensure better quality.

These are some important parts of the construction that you should be looking at. You have to check out the construction of the guitar body and the manufacturing material to get a quality deal. Once you are done considering all these factors, figuring out a reliable bass guitar is easy.

  • Bass Scale Length

You can choose between different bass scale length, but there are limited options. Most people go with the ideal length because of the versatility and convenience they avail. The popular guitar brands are offering around 30″ of the bass scale length, and it varies with the other factors also.

Guitarists who have used standard sizes instruments might find issues holding the bass guitar with lower or higher length. However, once you start using different sizes, then you won’t be going back to a standard bass scale length. The overall experience enhances, and you can feel the difference.

  • Bass Guitar Neck Types

As there are bass guitar has several types and different styles, so you can find a significant difference with the neck type. Choosing a bass guitar based on the look is impossible, and you have to be selective here. Checking out the guitar neck type can help you get a reliable product. The type of bass guitar necks is –

  • Bolt-on neck
  • Set neck
  • Thru-body neck

Each type has a unique quality, but the widely preferred bass guitar neck is Bolt-on, and it is popular for simplicity. There is a bolt connected to the truss rod, which keeps the neck in position. A solid connection is important to ensure a genuine build and to get the best use.

The neck type affects the guitar’s stability, and it is the major reason you should be looking after all the popular types and their qualities. No doubt that the neck type affects the bass guitar’s cost also, so you have to be selective here.

  • PickUp Position

One of the most important parts that you should be considering is pick up. It is going to amply the dull sound into the real music that you are going to enjoy. Pickups are mainly electromagnetic devices that pick up the vibrations from the guitar’s wire and amplify when connected to a speaker. These electromagnetic signals can reach higher pitches effectively. There are two different positions of pickup that you can find so have a look at the differences –

  • At the Fretboard – If you are choosing a bass guitar with pickup closer to the fretboard, then you can expect smooth and low-end sound. It is best when it comes to mixing the bass part into a live session.
  • At the Bridge – If you choose a bass guitar with pickup closer to the bridge, you can expect edgy sound. There will be better mid to high tones that can provide clear and crisp sound. These are mainly used for crispy bass notes.

Most manufacturers mainly prefer these two positions, and there will be a slight difference. Few manufacturers go with the unique positions which are not standard. If you are new, then looking at such a unique option is not a good choice for the beginners.

  • Pickup Types

Pickups are of two types, just as the two different positions. When choosing a bass guitar, you should be looking at the type of pickup. Both types are reliable, but they have a generation difference.

  • Single Coil – One of the simplest kinds of a bass guitar pickup is a single-coil, and it is loved for design. Well, there is one coil with one magnet that creates focused sound with bright tones. The tones are high, crisp, and easy to mix up. However, this type of pickup gets noisy when playing with extra force.
  • Humbucking Pickup – As a single coil makes intense noise on mid and high pitches, it is important to have a solution. So, Humbucking pickup was created to get rid of extra hum sound. It provides a fatter sound which mixes with ease and provides higher clarity in music.

After learning about both types, you can say that bass guitar has many important factors to look after. Well, these are the most important ones that you should be checking. The type of pick up is a very important factor, and you shouldn’t be avoiding it for sure.

  • Number of Strings

Most beginners should start their bass guitar journey with a four-wired guitar because these are easy to learn and reliable. There is a significant difference between one wire to another wire. On the other hand, four strings are easy to understand than having five strings. Instead of getting confused, you should go with the basic option.

However, if you are playing as an expert or an intermediate, it would be better to try new stuff. Five wires are allowing you better highs and lows. On the other hand, you can play a wide scale in one position with five-wire bass guitars. This factor can ensure that why five and six wire bass guitars exist and why you should get them.

  • Reviews

After looking at all the aspects mentioned above, it would be better to look after a couple of reviews to learn more about the product. Most buyers mention their experience, good and bad about the bass guitar, built quality, after-sale services, and many other factors. Looking at all those factors and comparing two similarly priced bass guitar will help you figure out which one is better and why.

Bass Guitars Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I purchase a bass guitar?

Bass guitar is a favourite musical instrument of many music enthusiasts. The deep and intense music produced by the bass guitar is amusing. It is the reason why many prefer the bass than the acoustic guitar. There are both acoustic and electric bass guitars available in reliable brands. If you want to learn the bass guitar and then you can buy one stunning guitar.

  • What is a bass guitar? 

A bass guitar is similar to electric guitar. It is a plucked instrument that produces bass music and lower frequency sounds. The metal bass strings vibrate and produce splendid music. The magnetic pickups transmit sound or signal to the amplifier to produce music. 

  • Is a bass guitar easy to learn or not? 

Yes, learning a bass guitar is easy if you have the passion to learn the instrument. It is a fun guitar to play than other musical instruments. If you learn the basics, then it is easy to create even complex notes and songs from the instrument. 

  • Can I play the bass guitar if I know how to play regular guitar? 

Yes, already knowing to play regular guitar may help you to learn the bass guitar quicker. However, if you want to become proficient in a bass guitar, then it is essential to learn the skills and techniques to play it. 

  • What is the best bass guitar for beginners? 

There are tons of excellent bass guitars for the beginners. Beginners can spend the affordable amount on any bass guitar. Some of the best bass guitars for beginners are Ibanez, Yamaha, Dean, Vault and ESB. They are the best quality guitar for entry-level musicians. You can ask someone who knows to play the guitar to tell you about the quality of these guitars. 

  • Why do I need to own a bass guitar? 

If you want to be proficient in the bass guitar, you need to own a one. To completely learn a guitar you need a one to practice at home and in the studio. It is better to use your bass guitar to get familiar with the keys and notes. 

  • How long does it take to be proficient in a bass guitar? 

It is easy to learn the basics of the bass guitar within a month. However, if you want to be proficient in you need to practice it for about 6 months. Factors that determine the learning years are age, experience, music genre and passion. For some, it takes a long time to learn this guitar. 

  • How much time should I practise the bass guitar every day? 

If you want to be good at playing the bass guitar, then you can practice it every day for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Do not leave practising it even for one day. By going to the guitar glasses regularly, you can learn the guitar quicker than you think. 

  • How can I learn a bass guitar?

Bass guitar is a great instrument to master. If you have the interest to learn bass guitar, then get the best brands. You have many options such as joining a bass guitar class, music academy or you can learn from online.

The Final Verdict

A bass guitar is not the most important musical instrument to learn, but in the present time, the bass guitar is everything. The Indian music industry is changing and adopting a new style of music like rap, hip-hop, jazz, classical, and rock.

If you want to go with the time, then learning a bass guitar will add up into the skills. We hope that this guidepost will help you choose a reliable bass guitar and has a beautiful musical journey.