In India, guitar amplifiers are exceptionally famous. This could be because you can find a musician anywhere in our country. Talent is not something that Indians lack. But for those of you who do not know what guitar amplifiers are, we are here to help. Basically, guitar amplifiers are electronic devices that help in strengthening the electric signal from guitars. These guitars can be of any kind ranging from electrical to acoustic. After the signal is picked up, it is picked up; the sound is enhanced.

For guitar players, guitar amplifiers help a lot. With the help of these amplifiers, they can have a solo practice session with the utmost ease. Other than that, they can also take those amplifiers with them if they are quite some performers and have small gigs with them. Generally, guitar amplifiers are suitable as loudspeakers for a small crowd. Moreover, many guitar players also use them to have a good rock session along with their acquaintances as a hobby.

However, if you are struggling with finding and having a good guitar amplifier, you need not worry. We are here to offer everything that we can. This time, we decided to invest our time in the ten best guitar amplifiers in 2020. These guitar amplifiers are picked after prolonged research, and they are all from reputed companies/brands in India. We are positive that we will refine your search for the right guitar amplifier today. Let’s not wait too long and start with the discussion and a buying guide at the end –

1. NUX Guitar Amplifier with Classic Distortion

NUX Guitar Amplifier

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For a proper supply of power, this Guitar Amplifier by NUX will require a pair of AAA batteries. Make sure that the batteries are alkaline or else the amplifier won’t work. A couple of batteries will help the amplifier work continuously for almost 40 hours. It will offer your guitar the Classic British Distortion in the overall sound, and that is something that many guitar players like to have. Since it is not too big, you can carry it wherever you want without any trouble.

For practicing tunes along with an audio player, you can also use the AUX-in Jack. Additionally, for people who love to have the classic British rock sound, this guitar amplifier will help. If you are concerned with its wattage, we will like to mention that it is only 3 Watts. Thus, you should not think that you will have to replace its batteries even after concise usage. This guitar amplifier has excellent sound quality and is highly suitable for beginners in playing guitars.


  • This is the best guitar amplifier that you will find in India for playing punk songs and classic rock.
  • It is battery operated and can work for as long as 40 hours.
  • Since its size is small, you will never have problems with carrying it around.


  • We have not come across any cons of this guitar amplifier by NUX till now.

2. Marshall MG4 Guitar Amplifier with 2 Channels

Marshall MG4 Guitar Amplifier

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Next up, let us discuss the fantastic guitar amplifier by Marshall. Other than having two channels, this guitar amplifier also comes with MP3 input. Isn’t that impressive? For those of you who love jamming along with a music track, this guitar amplifier is simply the best of the best. Additionally, its excellent sounding is known to be the best. This is why it is rated very well on the internet for the same reason. People find themselves lucky when they end up with the Marshall MG4 guitar amplifier.

Besides all of its amazing features, as we have mentioned above, this guitar amplifier will also let you fine-tune the tone of the music. This way, the quality of the music you play on your guitar will increase by many folds. Who does not want that? Also, you will be impressed that it is also loaded with a speaker. This way, you will never have to look for an extra speaker to play your guitar tunes out loud. For rock music lovers, this guitar amplifier is nothing less than a blessing. Give this guitar amplifier a good try now!


  • The power that this guitar amplifier consumes is only 10 Watts.
  • It has two channels, and at the same time, it is also loaded with a fantastic custom, 6.5 speakers.
  • This guitar amplifier is best for people who love having long jamming sessions with their guitars.


  • This guitar amplifier is a bit pricey when we compare it to the one that we mentioned just before this.

3. BOSS Katana 94609 Guitar Amplifier

BOSS Katana 94609 Guitar Amplifier

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Many guitar players love having amplifiers that match with the tones of their guitars. They say that they like having a proper aesthetic when it is about their music. However, you must know that the guitar amplifier’s color is not everything, and what matters the most is its charge delivery and overall functionality. But what if we tell you that you can have a guitar amplifier that looks amazing and is also celebrated in its functioning? It sounds like a fantastic deal, right? Well, this is precisely the reason why we are mentioning the 94609 Katana BOSS guitar amplifier.

When anyone is thinking of guitar amplifiers, they simply cannot omit the ones manufactured by BOSS. Therefore, we were also up for it. This guitar amplifier has an AUX input and comes with different amplifying types in its overall build. These types include – crunch, brown, and clean. Its class and sound quality will exceed all of your expectations. It will also offer you a warm music ambiance whenever you attach it with your guitar. All in all, this guitar amplifier can be the one you were looking for.


  • With the help of the AUX input, you can use this product to play music from your smartphones.
  • It is exceptionally portable, and you can carry it everywhere with you.
  • The exterior of the guitar amplifier is immaculate.
  • It has a multi-stage circuit for analog gain and analog tone stack with three bands.


  • We do not have any cons of this guitar amplifier.

4. Blackstar FLY3PAK Guitar Amplifier with Black Design

Blackstar FLY3PAK Guitar Amplifier

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If you pick this guitar amplifier by Blackstar, you will have an extension cabinet and the mini amplifier. When the extension and the amplifier are combined, they form a fantastic stereo guitar amplifier, which becomes perfect for guitar playing. The best thing about the set is that it can also be used as regular speakers when attached to a personal computer. Therefore, for those who like playing music on their PC and playing guitar, this stereo set will prove to be highly beneficial and cost-effective.

It is often seen that a lot of consumers appreciate products that have multiple uses. Maybe this is why the ratings of this stereo amplifier set by Blackstar is quite high on Amazon. There are also many Indians who vouch for the excellency and efficacy of this product. You will have to fit in six batteries in it for a proper play. However, these batteries must be of the rechargeable type. Otherwise, the set won’t work or stop working just after the use of a few hours only. Besides its use as PC speakers, this set also finds its use as an MP3 playback system.


  • The extension and the amplifier combine to form a superb stereo set for guitar playing.
  • Other than amplifiers for guitar, the product can also be used as an MP3 playback system and PC speakers.
  • It can be fitted with rechargeable batteries, so you won’t have to replace them again and again.


  • Some people purchase this set for their octa-pad; however, the product isn’t great for that purpose.

5. Marshall MG15CF Guitar Amplifier

Marshall MG15CF Guitar Amplifier

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Our love for Marshall guitar amplifiers is never going to cease. Therefore, we are here with yet another amplifier by them. The MG15CF is the dream guitar amplifier for many guitar players across the country. It comes with no frills and has the power consumption rated at 15 Watts only. The packing of the product is marvelous, and it is also big on sound simultaneously. We are sure that this will impress you to your heart’s core, and you will keep moving towards such guitar amplifiers by Marshall again and again without fail.

For years, it has proven to be excellent competition for most high-end guitar amplifiers. Many of them have also been effortlessly knocked out of the race by its smooth performance over time. It is excellent for practicing your guitar tunes, but at the same time, it will also offer a good quality that will suffice the ears of a small crowd. For a fantastic tonal control, this amplifier is equipped with the best overdrive channels. These channels are known to share the EQ (three-band) for amazing control.


  • You can use this guitar amplifier to silently practice your guitar because it comes with a headphone output.
  • If you have some shows for a small crowd, you must choose this guitar amplifier only.
  • It will last many years without requiring hardcore maintenance.


  • You must not choose it if you are willing to play your guitar for a huge crowd.

6. Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amplifier

Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amplifier

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You must have heard about Fender Guitars. After all, many guitar players in India choose them over everything. But this time, we are here with one of their guitar amplifiers. The Acoustasonic 15 guitar amplifier is all things superb. However, its price is quite high, and you will have to save up some money for the purchase. But when it is the high-quality customers should not think too much about the price. After all, this amplifier will last years at their practicing areas and still never ceases to work amazingly. You will be entirely elated to pick this guitar amplifier.

The output power requirement of this guitar amplifier is rated at 15 Watts. The speaker is full range and has an exclusive design with a Whizzer cone. The response of the product will always be high frequency. We assure you that. You will also love that in this guitar amplifier; you also get to have certain controls. With these controls, you can manage the middle, bass, as well as treble tones. Isn’t that impressive? Moreover, this guitar amplifier only weighs 6 kg, so you will be able to move it anywhere you like.


  • The brown color of this guitar amplifier goes with all kinds and designs of guitars.
  • Since it is from Fender, you can trust its quality fully.
  • You can control bass and treble very quickly with this guitar amplifier.


  • This guitar amplifier can be a bit pricey for some guitar players.

7. Roland Cube Guitar Combo Amplifier

Roland Cube Guitar Combo Amplifier

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The number is where we have placed this combo guitar amplifier by Roland. It will prove to be the perfect solution to have those rock sessions in your garage with your favorite guitar. Other than that, let us not forget to mention that it is delightfully portable. When it is about guitar amplifiers, portability is something that everyone must look for. This is because bulky and huge guitar amplifiers are not the ones that you can move anywhere according to your will. You will also have Clean, Lead, and Crunch tones with this product.

For personal practice, many people claim the Roland Cube guitar amplifier to be their first choice. Its sound offering is next level, and you will also be as impressed by it as many of the guitar amplifier experts. Additionally, you can also swap presets in it with the help of your android or iOS devices. However, for that, you will have to install the CUBE KIT app. This way, beaming in many alternative models will be highly accessible for you. With a 3-band equalizer on top of all the good things mentioned before, this guitar amplifier is here to take you off your feet.


  • You can dial your tone in this guitar amplifier very easily and quickly.
  • You can choose from many effects, including chorus, reverb, delay, and spring reverb.
  • It is an amazing guitar amplifier for acoustic as well as bass guitars.


  • It is a good guitar amplifier for solo practice, but not so much for small gigs.

8. Palco 103 Guitar Amplifier

Palco 103 Guitar Amplifier

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As we move towards the end of the list, we have given the eighth position to Palco’s guitar amplifier. There are two inputs in this amplifier, which you can use for keyboard as well as guitar. Many people also choose to use those for their microphones so that they can also sing using the 103 Palco guitar amplifier. You will get tone and volume controls in this amplifier so that the sound quality delivered from it is always top-notch. The speakers in it are 6 inches tall, so you might already imagine the extreme sound they will help create.

With a 12V DC and 220V AC operation, this amplifier will never disappoint you in any situation. In a medium-range, you are never going to find a guitar amplifier better than this one. Moreover, you will also enjoy its line in feature as much as other guitar players. Do not wait too long to purchase this guitar amplifier as it is always in huge demand amongst the Indian public. It will be awful to miss out on an amazing guitar amplifier on this one. You can also look for deals to get the product at a lower price.


  • The sound experience that this guitar amplifier offers is extremely enriching and high class.
  • You can also use it as an amplifier for your microphone or keyboard.
  • The sound quality is never compromised if you choose to pick this guitar amplifier.
  • The price of this guitar amplifier is also low.


  • The life of this guitar amplifier must be prolonged.

9. Stranger PM40 Guitar Amplifier

Stranger PM40 Guitar Amplifier

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Besides your guitar, you can also pick this amplifier to be used with an octa-pad and keyboard. Isn’t that amazing? You will have an amplifier that will be compatible with most of the instruments. What more can a musician wish for? as per its price range is concerned, we will label it in the middle. This means that it is neither too high and nor too low. You can afford it easily if you save some money for a few weeks or months from your budget. Stranger guitar amplifiers are known to have a long life without any trouble in their maintenance.

They remain in high demand throughout the year and also have immensely positive reviews on the internet. This can be a guitar amplifier that you wished for. with a classic look and lightweight; it will help you have amazing access to guitar practice sessions no matter where you are. If you ever get any small gigs, you can take the amplifier there as well, and it will never create any hurdles in your performance. It will create a powerful sound, and yet you will be able to control all of its tones very well.


  • The digital echo effect of this guitar amplifier is something that we find unique and exclusive.
  • Its overall build is heavy-duty, and it will never fail to perform smoothly.
  • Its controls are very easy to manage, and you can connect the amplifier to an octa-pad and keyboard.


  • This guitar amplifier is more suitable for beginners.

10. Kadence Guitar Amplifier with Effects

Kadence Guitar Amplifier

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Lastly, we have the Kadence guitar amplifier here. We kid you not; this is the most beautifully designed guitar amplifier that we have ever seen. Its exterior finish is so good that the amplifier looks very rich. When you pick this guitar amplifier for your guitar, you will ensure that you maintain the aesthetics very well. The product’s maximum power requirement is rated at 40 watts; however, the nominal power is only 15 watts. You do not have to worry about this range, though, because you will be able to take this guitar amplifier literally anywhere.

You can also try controlling the boost of the amplifier for optimal performance all the time. Other than that, in this amplifier, the middle range of the frequency can also be cut very effectively. For instrument input, you will find a microphone jack in its design. This jack is compatible with many types of instruments, so do not worry about that. Also, let us not forget the handle on this amplifier as it is the structure that will allow you to carry it with ease everywhere without making it fall.


  • The design of this guitar amplifier is what many people appreciate a lot.
  • It also has a well-equipped handle for easy and quick portability.
  • Its microphone jack is compatible with many instruments.
  • Other than the design, the color of the guitar amplifier is also lovely.


  • The price of this guitar amplifier is not something that many people would endorse.

How To Pick The Right Guitar Amplifier in India

The following are the five aspects that you must give a thorough read while you go out to buy a guitar amplifier. Other than physical shopping, these aspects will also help you pick a guitar from an e-commercial site. Do not miss any of them –

  • Portability

We have seen many guitar players who like to have music playing sessions are different setups and locations. For them, it is a must to pick guitar amplifiers that are portable and not extremely bulky. If they are huge or bulky, you won’t be able to carry them around freely. In the longer run, this will not serve you, and you also won’t be able to have your hands work smoothly on the guitar of your choice. To check how portable a guitar amplifier is, you must check its dimensions and weight. Information like that will clear your doubts about whether you will be able to port it here and there or not.

  • Company/Brand

The guitar amplifier’s company/brand is as important as the company/brand of your guitar. When you purchase a guitar amplifier from a reputed brand, you will be assured that if you ever come across any problems with the product, the customer support team will help you in every way possible. Other than that, when the guitar amplifier is from a well-known company, you will also find a warranty card or certificate with the product. If the warranty is still active, you won’t have to pay for any of the extra problems that you ever face with the guitar amplifier in any situation. Isn’t that something that you find amazing? We surely do.

  • Special Features of the Amplifier

When we researched guitar amplifiers, we found that many guitar amplifiers have certain unique features that distinguish them from the other amplifiers. For instance, we have loved the guitar amplifiers immensely, which can double as PC speakers. Their multipurpose nature is something that helps customers save a lot of money. Additionally, you should also look at whether the guitar amplifier will help you play music or simply pass the additional speakers’ charge. All of these details can be well known once you go along all the product details of a particular guitar amplifier.

  • Reviews from Buyers

People these days do not back off from buying a guitar amplifier. This is because amplifiers help a lot in their practice sessions and guitar playing gigs. With the advent of online shopping, many people in the country can now have their guitar amplifiers right at their address. Therefore, a spike in the number of reviews of the amplifier on the internet is also something that we have noticed. These reviews and testimonials by various consumers all across India must be given a good read. We say all of this because reviews help a lot in deciding whether you would want an amplifier or not.

  • Price Point

Generally, the price point of guitar amplifiers in India is not that high. However, that does not mean that you will be able to afford all of them. It all depends on your budget; therefore, we tried to include high end and less expensive guitar amplifiers at the same time. They are all from amazing brands and companies, so you won’t be having second thoughts regarding their quality. We would also ask you not to go overboard as you will surely find a good guitar amplifier that will fit in the budget and will still help you have an amazing guitar playing session whenever and wherever you wish.


So, these were the ten guitar amplifiers that we handpicked for you. For purchasing them, you can venture out to a music store nearby. You can choose to make an online purchase for those of you who do not have such stores in the town. If you buy the guitar amplifier from a reputed online site, you won’t have to worry about fraud or counterfeit products.

Additionally, we are asking you to go through the cons of the guitar amplifier and go through all the pros. We hope that you liked at least one of the guitar amplifiers that we mentioned above.