Some people play the guitar just out of passion, but for some people, it is their soul. It is not just any musical instrument. It is one of the best ways to express their feeling. It is going to be your friend once you make friends with it. You will never be able to leave it. So, when you are going to have a long term bonding with the guitar, then how can you not pay attention to purchasing the best guitar in India?

India is flooded with so many different brands, and all of them promise to deliver the best quality guitar to you. So, it is going to be a tough task for anyone to select one good guitar brand from so many options, especially if you are a newbie to the music world, then it is next to impossible for you. Just to make this simple for you, here are the top 10 best guitar brands in India.

Having some prior knowledge will help you pick the best guitar for yourself or your loved ones.


When talking about guitars, the first brand name that you get to hear from professionals if you are taking their suggestion is Yamaha. It is a Japanese company, and they manufacture many other musical instruments, including guitars. It is the brand of professional guitarists. You will be able to pick some of the best and highly durable electric guitars from this brand. They even manufacture acoustic guitar that are popular among the beginners. They are light in weight and sturdy designs. The sound quality of these guitars is just amazing, and people love it. The guitars from this brand are available at an affordable price.

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The next brand that you should know about is Kadence. It is an Indian brand, and it is very popular among the guitarists. It produces the best quality sound, and that is how it is able to make its name in the top ten guitar brands in India. You can enjoy a very soothing and crisp sound with bright tones. It is an old brand, but still able to make its place in the best guitars due to the quality of guitars they make. You will be able to find guitars in different designs and attractive colors in order to meet the demands of the guitarists.

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Fender is another popular name that you get to hear whenever you are talking about guitars. This brand has always been one among the top ten brands for the past many years. It is not a new brand. They manufacture the best quality musical instruments in America. They make use of single-coil pickups for better sound quality, rather than using humbuckers. It is not just the technical aspects, and they do not compromise even with the design of the guitars. They make sure to come up with the best designs and attractive look that is very comfortable for the players.

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Ibanez was a Japanese company, and they were popular for making similar copies of guitars from America. But soon they have gained their own popularity and now famous for making some unique designs and not copied guitars anymore. It is a brand that is known across the world, and many professional players opt for this brand due to its quality product and quality sound as well. They make sure to use the best quality wood for the making of the guitars. They are the first brand to manufacture and launch the seven-string guitars across the world. Their S series guitars are the most popular ones, but even nothing can beat their RG series as well.

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If you like playing rock, Gibson is the brand for you. The Fender brand is just popular for making single-coil pickups, but this brand concentrates on using Humbucker pickups. The humming problems and noise are both handled by these guitars. The short scale length that you can find in Gibson guitars is 24.75 inches. The designs of Gibson guitars are most appealing, and guitarists just love them. They are very comfortable to hold and play, even for beginners. Best quality wood like Mahogany is used so that you can enjoy a durable construction.

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It’s a great cutaway and best quality hardware used in making the guitars make them one of the best brands in India. The neck comes with perfect finishing and smooth. That makes it convenient and comfortable for the player. These guitars are imported from the USA. If you are looking for premium quality guitars at a very reasonable price, then you will have to pick up Donner. The sleek and glossy finish of the guitars made them look perfect even in terms of look. The sound is also very good when compared to many other brands that are available in this price range.

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We have already seen the brand Gibson and Epiphone is a sub-brand of the same group of guitars. These guitars are popular for being budget-friendly. The sound quality of these guitars is not going to be the same as that of the Gibson guitars, but it not too bad as well. So, if you want some affordable guitars, with decent quality, then this is the brand that you need to check out. It is good for beginners who want a good guitar with decent sound quality.

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The next good brand that you can find in the Indian market is Taylor. This company is an American company based in California. This brand is not very popular in India, but it is one of the largest and best guitar manufacturing companies that you can find in the USA. Whether you are looking for acoustic guitars or electric guitars, you will be able to find both from this brand. They manufacture semi-hollow guitars which are a combination of hollow guitars and hardwood guitars. They are very light in weight, and hence they are easy to carry as well.


If you are looking for highly durable guitars at an affordable price, then Seagull is the brand that you should look for. This brand is from Canada. The sound quality of these guitars is great, and the guitarists will also be able to play with a lot of comforts. A lot of care is taken during the manufacturing process, and they make sure that every element of the guitar is perfect and precise. These guitars are easy to tune, and they stay in tune for a longer time. The exceptional and classy finish of the guitars makes them all-time favorites for many guitarists.


The next and the best brand that you can buy in India is Martin. This is one of the oldest brands in the world. They are in the market from 1833, and since then they are popular for making some of the best guitars. Premium quality and highly durable tone wood is used in the making of their guitars. You will be able to find 12 and 15 string guitars from this brand. The sound is also high, and hence it has made its place in the top ten best guitar brands in India.

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So, this is the list of the best guitar brands available in India, and you can pick one of the brands without any hesitation as they manufacture the best guitars across the world.

How To Choose The Right Guitar For You

It is always tough to choose a guitar if you are a beginner or an amateur. Everyone wants an excellent guitar that produces beautiful music. Size is a crucial aspect when selecting a guitar. The right size guitar can provide you with convenience and comfort to play it. By choosing the right guitar, you can learn it easily and accomplish all your music goals. An adjustable and right size guitar is the first step to choose the right guitar for you. Now let us look at all the other things you need to consider when buying a guitar.

  1. An easily playable guitar

It is always best to get a guitar that you know to play. If you are a beginner, choose a guitar that you would like to learn. There is no greater joy than getting a perfect guitar that is easily playable. You need to check the accuracy, tuning and intonation of the guitar. Even if you do not know about these technical features, you can ask the shop owner. There are plenty of guitar types such as acoustics, electric guitars, classical and bass guitars.

  1. Choosing a guitar that you are passionate about

Many get the basic acoustic guitar as they think it is easy to learn. Some may love electric or the bass, but they mistakenly get any other guitar. Getting a guitar that you do not have any interest will bore you after some time. Choose a guitar that you are passionate about. The chords, scales and other features are different in these guitars. Therefore, make a good choice to learn the guitar with interest. You can ask questions to yourself, such as should I buy an acoustic or electric? Should I choose a guitar string in nylon or steel? Considering these factors will help you end up with the guitar you like.

  1. Choosing the right guitar size

The guitar size will make all the difference when you are a beginner. Choosing a guitar that is perfect for your arm size can make playing it easier. If you want to prevent muscle or arm pain, get a guitar that fits your arm. Also, a big size guitar comes with extra features. It is your preference to choose a compact or big-sized guitar. If you are a beginner, then a medium size guitar is perfect. For professionals, a big size guitar is suitable for training, concerts and more.

  1. Choosing the guitar tuner

The tuner is the main part of guitars such as the strings and picks. Keeping your guitar in the right pitch can help in smooth playing. If the tuning is more, then it can cause a lot of pressure on the strings. There are plenty of tuners for a guitar. The most popular ones are the manual and electric tuner. The perfect tuner can make it easy to play the guitar. Everything can sound odd if there is a small mistake in the tuning.


Choosing the right can help you to learn the guitar well. To buy the right one, consider the factors before choosing one. These are handpicked features that can help a beginner to choose a guitar easily.