There is no doubt that the guitar is the most popular as well as the most melodious music instrument ever. The trend of guitars is continuously moving forward and setting the roots among Indian people, mostly youngsters. Sometimes, it seems surprising that a guitar works and plays the pleasing and adorable sound with the strings’ buzzing. Right? Admittedly, there are too many things that matter while playing the guitar, and if you are a professional guitarist, then you undoubtedly know how the tension of the strings matters a lot.

However, if you are a beginner and want to learn guitar, no matter what type of guitar you want to learn, it can be the acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. But if you are playing that particular guitar on wrong string notes, then undoubtedly, you can’t impact your audience, or whoever you are playing it for. The key point that every expert guitarist always tells the beginners is to tune the guitar properly and correctly, no matter if you are going to perform on stage, or you are going to learn it. A Guitar tuner is the best problem solver for you to set your guitar in the right tone.

You can indeed use a guitar tuner by just downloading an app on your smartphone because of the advanced technology. But believe it or not, a typical and physical guitar tuner can offer more accuracy, and as you know, it is the game of accuracy only. If your guitar string notes don’t sound accurate and correct, then there are very low chances that your audience will feel any impact because of your performance.

That’s why you need the best out of the best guitar tuner, and therefore we are here today to share these ten best guitar tuners in India 2021 that you can buy right away.

1. Juarez GT-13 Digital Automatic Chromatic Tuner

Juarez GT-13 Digital Automatic Chromatic Tuner

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First up, we are here with a very affordable range of guitar tuners, and if you are a beginner who is just going through the learning curve, then this tuner can help you a lot to correctly tune your guitar. So, on the very first spot, we have included the Juarez GT-13 Digital Automatic Chromatic Tuner. As we mentioned, the biggest highlight of this tuner is its price and accuracy ratio. For better clarification, we want to let you know that you can acquire this guitar tuner under five hundred rupees only in India.

Moving forward to the functionality and other aspects, so let’s first talk about versatility. So, as per the manufacturers’ claim, you can use it for a guitar like electric, bass, acoustic, and classical guitar. This thing is only possible because the tuner comes with a sensitive and accurate sound identification sensor. One more thing that matters a lot is the delay factor, but thankfully, here you won’t going to see any significant delay in between showing the result after you play a specific guitar note.


  • The decently bright backlight LCD panel is quite good, offering ideal visibility while setting the note correctly.
  • It is a clip-on type of guitar tuner, but the best part is that you can rotate the body of this tuner according to your convenience.
  • The accuracy of this digital automatic chromatic tuner is around 0.5 cents, which is pretty impressive at this particular price point.


  • The overall build quality of this digital guitar tuner is not that great, but it is quite acceptable at this price point.

2. Planet Waves PW-CT-17YL Guitar Tuner

Planet Waves PW-CT-17YL Guitar Tuner

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In case if you want the highest possible accuracy with the better build quality, then you should take a look at this one. Secondly, we have decided to add the Planet Waves PW-CT-17YL Guitar Tuner. The best thing that we liked the most about this tuner is that it looks pretty simple but elegant, and the build quality is on the next level. It will indeed cost you slightly higher than the first spot of guitar tuner, but the overall experience you will get will be impressive.

Moving forward to the essential points of this tuner, let’s first discuss the major working aspects. It is a guitar tuner that offers the calibration from 430Hz to 450Hz, that’s why this tuner can indicate or show the highly accurate data. Talking about the delay and timing, as per the Planet Waves manufacturers’ claim, it doesn’t have too much delay to show the data. However, there are other factors also present that can also amaze you a bit, like the full viewing angle display of this tuner.


  • Because of the CR2032 battery, you can expect a decently long battery life until it needs the change.
  • The LCD color display is another big highlight in this guitar tuner, and this display offers a full viewing angle.
  • There is nothing to complain about the build quality section; overall, the Planet Waves manufacturers did the great work to provide a sturdily built tuner.


  • None so far

3. Snark SN6 Clip-On Ukulele Tuner

Snark SN6 Clip-On Ukulele Tuner

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Now it is time to share one of the highest-rated guitar tuners of this list, so on the thirds spot of this list, we are here with the Snark SN6 Clip-On Ukulele Tuner. If you like to play the Ukulele, you should prefer to buy this tuner instead of any other. It’s because this specific tuner is perfect for the nylon strings, which traditional Ukulele usually has. But before you decide to buy this tuner, we want to let you know about something important, and it is the price point. If you are ready to invest a bit higher amount of money to buy an accurate, easy to use, and excellent build quality of Ukulele tuner then you should go with this one.

First thing first, it comes with a high sensitivity of vibration detecting sensor, and more likely, this is the main reason behind the ultimate accuracy of this tuner. Besides this, it is a full viewing angle of guitar tuner, and there are two primary reasons behind it, the first is its rotating body, and the second is the fantastic display it comes with. The manufacturers have offered a color LCD with impressive viewing angles in this Ukulele guitar tuner.


  • You can easily use this guitar tuner by attaching to the headstock’s front and back; it doesn’t affect the accuracy.
  • Because of the incredibly sensitive vibration detection sensor, you can expect the best possible and accurate data results about different guitar notes.
  • The manufacturers didn’t skimp in the section of build quality, and as a result, they are offering sturdy build quality of tuner that can last for years to come.


  • The price point of this tuner might seem a bit expensive than other guitar tuners of this list.

4. Pandawill Musedo T-40 Digital Chromatic Tuner

Pandawill Musedo T-40 Digital Chromatic Tuner

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Coming back to the budget segment again, we want to introduce another value for money type of guitar tuner to all the readers of this post. This time, on the fourth spot of this list, we have decided to add the Pandawill Musedo T-40 Digital Chromatic Tuner. And it doesn’t matter that it is an affordable range of tuners so it won’t offer a great value; instead, you can expect fat better. Considering the specialties of this chromatic tuner, so first, let’s come to the sensor that it has. As per the Pandawill manufacturers, it comes with a decently sensitive vibration identifying sensor.

Other than this, you can expect great versatility from it because you can use it with a wide range of guitar types. The 1 cent of accuracy is not that great, but if you are on the beginner level, it might work for you. Talking about some other aspects of this tuner, so let’s talk about its display. The Pandawill company has provided an LCD panel with minimal colors.


  • We liked the versatility segment of this digital guitar tuner the most; it can be helpful to tune the bass, chromatic, electric, classically guitars, and violin.
  • Reliable build quality seems pretty unexpected at this price point, but the manufacturers did a great job.
  • The primary vibration identification sensor is on a good sensitivity, and it can offer decent value to you at a fair price point.


  • Some users complained that it struggles to detect the lower E note in standard guitars.

5. Kadence KAD-TUN-KT1 Digital Tuner

Kadence KAD-TUN-KT1 Digital Tuner

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Kadence KAD-TUN-KT1 Digital Tuner is another option that we have decided to include on this list to offer a bit variety in the budget segment of guitar tuners. So, if you don’t have a high budget to spend on a premium type of tuner, you should also take a look. The first and foremost thing that we liked the most about this digital guitar tuner is that it doesn’t look and feel like a budget-friendly option. In our opinion, the biggest reason behind it is the polished and futuristic design that it comes with.

It is another impressively versatile digital tuner that you can use with acoustic, electric, bass, and classical guitars as well. However, it can work with nylon strings too; if you have the Ukulele, then you can surely use this tuner with your Ukulele. Moving down to the accuracy and sensor section, as per the claim of manufacturers, it comes with the 1 cent of accurate tuning, and to offer this type of accuracy, the manufacturers have provided a moderate level of the sensitive sensor to identify the vibrations of different guitar notes.


  • There is no doubt that there is nothing to complain about the build quality section of this tuner, it looks great, has excellent build quality, so what else do you need at this price point?
  • A colorful LCD is essential for a better viewing angle, and thankfully the brightness is also quite good of this digital tuner.
  • Accuracy is acceptable at this price point, and not only this but because it’s a decent sensor, it can offer you versatile uses.


  • Some users say that the accuracy is suitable for this tuner, but it is not the tuner that can provide 100% accuracy.

6. JOYO JT-01 Chromatic Tuner

JOYO JT-01 Chromatic Tuner

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If you are a complete beginner who wants to learn or learning the guitar, then you don’t need to always go with the premium guitar tuners only. You can buy a decent quality of guitar tuner for practice purposes, so we suggest you have a look at this one. On the sixth spot of this list, we are here with the JOYO JT-01 Chromatic Tuner. Price is the biggest highlight of this tuner because you don’t even need to spend thousands of rupees on a single guitar tuner when you are going through the learning curve.

Are you feeling curious about what you will get in this particular tuner? If yes is your answer, the first thing that we want to let you know that the accuracy levels of this tuner are quite acceptable at this price point. Other than this, it is a clip-on type of guitar tuner that you can attach to the front and even back of the headstock. However, there is one segment in which you might have to compromise, and it is the build quality section.


  • The overall size and design are pretty boxy but compact, which seems very easy to use while tuning the guitar note for better sound.
  • Like we mentioned, the accuracy level plus sensitivity of the primary sensor are quite decent and acceptable at this price point.


  • Building quality is the only segment that disappointed many users, but what else can we expect at this price point. Right?

7. ENO MUSIC Portable Guitar Tuner

ENO MUSIC Portable Guitar Tuner

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If you are looking for a guitar tuner from quite some time, you will surely have heard about the ENO MUSIC brand. Right? It is a brand that offering amazing instrumental accessories at a very affordable price point. Therefore, we have decided to add the ENO MUSIC Portable Guitar Tuner on this list. However, it is not that cheap as the first spot and previous spot of tuners, but yeah, you can expect better performance from it. Now let’s talk about what it can offering and what you can expect from it, step by step.

First thing first, this tuner works as a metronome and as a tone generator as well, which is an unexpected thing at this type of low price point. However, some other things can also grab your attention like the accuracy that it has. The ENO MUSIC manufacturer has provided a decent quality sensor in it, which can provide incredible accuracy.


  • Because it works like three types of devices, as a tuner, like a metronome, and as a tune generator, that’s why it looks very valuable at a low price point.
  • Sturdy build quality with compact design attracts the customers to buy this tuner, and the manufacturers did it to offer move value to their customers.
  • Accuracy is pretty acceptable, and there is nothing to complain about the sensor that it comes with, unlike other cheaper guitar tuners.


  • The contrast levels are proper, but the manufacturers didn’t offer the LCD color display here.

8. Blueberry BT-01 Digital Guitar Tuner

Blueberry BT-01 Digital Guitar Tuner

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One more digital tuner comes with almost all the features that you can expect from a good guitar tuner, but the best part about this one is that it won’t cost too high. So, now we are on the eighth spot of this list, and this time we have included the BLueberry BT-01 Digital Guitar Tuner. It looks like other standard budget-friendly guitar tuners, but the special thing is present inside.

We are trying to address that this digital guitar tuner comes with good quality and sensitivity of vibration detection sensors. Therefore, the output that you will get in terms of accuracy is just incredible. Not only this but, there are some other points on that you should have a look like it got the color-changing display. When you hit the right note, for instance, if you are on the right tone of the E guitar string, it will turn green automatically.


  • The overall cost and quality ratio is pretty amazing here; in short, you will get better accuracy at a low price.
  • The auto sleep or auto shut off feature is also there, which can turn the tuner off if it doesn’t hear any guitar note till 7 minutes.


  • None so far

9. Boss TU-80 Guitar Tuner

Boss TU-80 Guitar Tuner

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Next, we have a tuner device that works like a metronome as well, and not only this but if you are on a very beginner level to learn the guitar, then for sure, you should try this guitar tuner. So, on the ninth spot, we are here with the Boss TU-80 Guitar tuner, and as we mentioned that you could use it as a metronome tool.

There is no doubt that this guitar tuner works flawlessly to tune your guitar, but as a metronome, you can get more benefits from it. As per the manufacturers, this device comes with built-in seven rhythms and ten beats to help a person while learning guitar. But always keep in mind that this guitar tuner will cost you slightly higher than the ordinary tuners, but the best part is that you are getting benefits of two devices in one.


  • The LCD panel has decent brightness, but the contrast levels are just amazing; thus, you won’t get any issues seeing the data.
  • Built-in seven rhythms and ten different beats make it more useful if you want to use it as a proper metronome.
  • The Accu Pitch function is also there in case you are wondering.


  • None so far

10. Korg MG-1 Guitar Tuner

Korg MG-1 Guitar Tuner

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Finally, we are on the last spot, but this time we got something different for you, and keep in mind, it is not like other guitar tuners that come with a display. So, on the final spot of this list, we are glad to introduce the Korg MG-1 Guitar Tuner, and as we mentioned, there is no built-in display present. Instead of a display, it has the light indicators on the front that will help you to identify the notes and set them in proper tune.

However, it is different from other clip-on types of guitar tuners because it doesn’t have any clip attachment; instead, it comes with the magnetic attachment. You can just attach to the backside of the headstock, and that’s it now you can move forward to tune your guitar.


  • It is straightforward to use the type of guitar tuner, where the up and down arrow indicates the proper tuning of each note.
  • The battery can give up to 30 hours of non-stop use, without having any trouble.


  • Some users say that it doesn’t identify the E note properly, which is not good.

How To Pick The Best Guitar Tuner In India

Because of too many variations and varieties in the guitar tuner, it becomes too challenging for an average user to buy the right type of tuner. If you also don’t want to deal with any confusion while buying a guitar tuner, this detailed buying guide will help you out.

We are confidently saying this because we are going to share some essential points that you shouldn’t ignore in any condition before making the final purchase decision.

  • Primary Sensor

The primary vibration identification sensor is the main part or heart of a guitar tuner. Without a good vibration detection sensor, a tuner becomes useless for a user. Therefore, you have to focus on this point, and it is a bit tough to choose the right type of tuner based on a good sensor. It’s because there are many options present in the market that come with different sensitivity of sensors, but we suggest you should choose a tuner that comes with an ideal sensitivity that can identify all the notes of a guitar.

  • Versatility

Here we want to address two types of versatility, the first based on use with different guitar types, and secondly, based on work like multiple devices. If you are paying a good amount of money to buy a good tuner quality, you should keep an eye on the versatility. And if the tuner isn’t compatible with different guitar types, it would be better if you skip that option. The same applies in the case of different functionality, try to go with an option that offers at least to metronome functionality.

  • Indication

The indication is another excellent factor that most people or users just ignore, but it is not the point that you should ignore. From indication, we want to tell you how a particular tuner shows the data to tune the guitar properly. For better indication, most of the time, the manufacturer offers the display in a tuner, indicating the accurate date without delay. However, there are some without display of tuners also present in the market, but if you want to buy an easy-to-use type of tuner, it would be the right choice for you if you go with an option with the in-build display panel.

  • Build Quality

It happens when the tuner device just falls because of the loose attachment, and if you have bought a cheap build quality of tuner, it won’t last too long in this type of situation. However, if you invest a reasonable amount of money to buy a guitar tuner, then we suggest that you always prefer a hard plastic built tuner only. If you are getting the metallic case in tuner, it would be great for you; otherwise, hard plastic material can do its job correctly by enhancing the lifespan.

  • Price Point

It all depends on the budget you have; if you have devices to buy the premium quality of guitar tuner, but your budget is not allowing you to buy that option, you have to skip that tuner. Right? Because you are a reader of this post, that’s why this is not going to be the case with you, and we are saying this because we have added multiple budget-friendly guitar tuners on this post. So you can check out each of them to find the right one as per your need, and the surprising thing is that most of them have almost all the essential features that you can expect from a good guitar tuner.

Guitar Tuners Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a guitar tuner, how is it useful? 

Guitar tuners help to measure frequency and vibrations of electric and acoustic guitar. It is a device that regulates the measurement with the notes available on a scale. The tuner will display a note on a LED screen if a frequency matches with a note. Some tuners are specially made for the bass guitar and other bass instruments. 

  • What are the two common types of tuners? 

The guitarist has two options in a tuner that is a pedal and clip-on tuner. The pedal tuners are used for the electric and acoustic guitar. The pedal tuner will send and pass a signal through a cable. On the other hand, the clip-on tuners are attachable to the guitars headstock. It is a tuner that can be clipped on the wood of the guitar to measure frequencies. 

  • Can I use the tuner for other instruments? 

Yes, it is possible to use a tuner for other instruments. The tuner comes with a preset setting for ukulele, bass, violin and guitar but you can use the chromatic mode to use it for other instruments. 

  • What are the tuning notes for guitar?

If you are a beginner then you may not know how to tune a guitar. The tuning notes for a guitar are quite simple. The tuning note for guitar is E, A, D, G, B, E. the tuning note for ukulele is G, C, E, A. if you are using violin then the tuning note is E, A, D, G. 

  • What mode should choose whether preset or chromatic mode? 

The professionals and the advanced instrument players use the chromatic mode. For the beginners the preset mode is suitable. It is a setting convenient for beginners who are using bass, ukulele and bass. 

  • Where to clip the tuner on an instrument? 

The tuner works with the vibration effect of an instrument so you need to clip it on the instrument. After clipping, you need not have to move or turn it around. The tuner can rotate by itself for full visibility. For guitar, ukulele, electric bass you can clip it on the head. For violin, you can clip it on the peg. 

  • What is the best tuner in the market? 

Juarez, Planet waves, Snark, PandaWill kandence, Joyo, Boss, ENO and blueberry are some of the best tuners on market. They are reliable, accurate and precise in the measurements. They are easy to use modern tuners that can be clipped on a various musical instrument. 

  • Is the tuner used for electric and acoustic guitar different? 

The tuners available for electric guitar is mostly pedal tuners. The tuning pedals of the guitar are being connected to the amplifier to measure the right frequency. You can also have a mild buffer to boost the audio signal of the guitar. The acoustic guitar has clip-on tuners. They do not require any cable as they work on a lithium battery. These tuners are excellent in quality and long-lasting. 

  • How to change the preset setting in a tuner? 

First, turn on the tuner by pressing the power button. Keep on touching the button lightly to get the desired preset setting. Again hold the power button till it turns off.


Are you the none who is looking for the right type of guitar tuner to tune your guitar strings correctly? If yes is your answer, we know how challenging it is for a user to find the right type of tuner out of dozens of options present in the market.

If this is the case, and you are willing to invest your money on a good guitar tuner, this post was all about you. We are very confident here because, in this post, we have listed ten best guitar tuners in India 2021.