Over the years, we have seen many guitar players in India who have been known for their excellent skills in creating and playing music in the instrument. We have seen many artists come and go, but we know that the ones that made it to the top were the ones who started early and invested many hours in learning and honing their guitar playing skills. As they kept moving forward, they got many opportunities, and from there, their career took a huge leap towards success. What did we learn from this? We learned that if someone wants to be good at playing the guitar, they have to invest in the instrument as soon as possible.

Guitars are of different types, and many people also choose to categorize them according to their brands. However, for us, we consider the two main types of these instruments, which are – electric and non-electric. Generally, electric guitars are the ones that are connected to an amplifier so that the charge from the guitar could pass towards the speakers, and enough sound could get created. However, in a non-electric guitar, you will find a hollow body in their structure. This hollow body helps in resonating sound, and you can create high volume tunes without the need for an amplifier.

If you have heard someone play guitar, you probably know how they change the entire room’s vibe. They are amazing instruments with strings, and to learn how to play them; you just need practice and sheer devotion towards music. But even before that, you need a guitar! If you are in search of the good guitar, let us tell you that we could prove to be of some help. Today, we bring you ten of the best electric and non-electric guitars that you can easily buy after reading our description. We have added only the best instruments, and you will like everything, we are sure. Let us start with the discussion –

1. RockJam RJEG02-SK-BB Electric Guitar

RockJam RJEG02-SK-BB Electric Guitar

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This electric guitar with a Blue Burst design is a gorgeous Guitar that you will find in this range. But don’t just go by its looks as there are many other things about this guitar that will impress you to your hart’s core. For a highly versatile playing experience, you will receive single-coil pickups in this set, three in number. They will help in enhancing the sound of the instrument a lot. As you may already know, RockJam has been in the market, creating many guitars for more than 15 years, and over time people have truly appreciated all of their guitars. They have a huge consumer base in the country as well.

But the thing with electric guitars is that you are supposed to have an amplifier with you as they cannot create high sound. Many people think twice before investing in a guitar amplifier as they are not inexpensive products. But you can stuff such kinds of worries somewhere else when you are choosing to pick this electric guitar. This is because, in the deal, you will also get an amplifier along with the guitar. And that is not it! You will also get a raft full of other accessories such as the guitar strap and spare strings. Additionally, a Nylon Gig Bag is also fitted in the deal. With its help, you will be able to move and port your guitar anywhere.


  • Other than the electric guitar, you will also get a 10-Watt amplifier in this deal.
  • This deal is amazing for people who can’t afford an electric guitar but still want it at such a reasonable price.
  • The ST design and high gloss finish of this instrument are amazingly marvelous.


  • We do not have any cons about this deal.

2. Ibanez MD39C Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez MD39C Acoustic Guitar

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We wanted our list to be highly inclusive, which is why we have also included acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars other than electric guitars. This acoustic guitar is by Ibanez and arrives in a Sunburst design. Among guitarists, a guitar with a Sunburst design is extremely popular. You may also come along many famous artists who go with guitars with such color shades in their exterior build. However, if you like to have the natural tone in guitars, you can also pick the one that comes in the natural color shade. As it is an acoustic guitar, many people may find it a little bulky, but with some practice, you will carry it freely.

This is one of the few guitars which remain in huge demands in the Indian public for its low price, amazing design, and sound quality. Therefore, if its price fits your budget, you should not stop yourself from making a purchase as soon as possible. You can also go with the online way as it is more reliable and economical. However, make sure that you have chosen reputed and trustworthy sites for ventures like these. There are 20 frets in this guitar, and it is 39-inch in size. Additionally, it is claimed to the most suitable acoustic guitar for those who are learning to play this type of instrument.


  • The sound quality, as well the resonance that the guitar’s body created, is top-notch.
  • You won’t find any flaw in its design and find it to be smooth.
  • It comes in two lovely colors, which are – sunburst and natural.


  • You won’t get any bag with this guitar for carrying it with you.
  • You also won’t get picks or spare strings in the deal.

3. Kadence Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar

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Buying a guitar becomes exceptionally superb when you receive a lot of accessories with the instrument. However, we have found out that when these accessories are included in the deal, the price is skyrocketed. Who wants that, right? But is it possible to get a guitar along with the accessories and still pay a low price? We say, yes! For that, you will have to look into this amazing acoustic guitar deal by Kadence. In the package, you will get a beautiful acoustic guitar that comes in a blue design. Many people choose the blue color of guitar over anything these days as such colored guitars truly set you apart from the crowd.

But it is not just about aesthetics. It is also about sound quality. And if you are worried about that we will say that you should not be if you choose this deal. Besides having a beautiful exterior design and look, this acoustic guitar also allows you to have high fidelity resonance. Also, you are going to get a foldable guitar stand and a capo in the deal. Are you surprised? We were too when we came along this product’s set. And that’s not even the end. You will also have a guitar tuner, guitar strap, gig bag, spare strings, and three picks in the package. Even after that, the manufacturers have priced it so low that it all feels more like a dream.


  • The resonance of this acoustic guitar is very high, and its finish is also superb.
  • Unlike other acoustic guitars, this guitar is not too bulky.
  • You will get a tuner, a foldable stand, strap, capo, bag, spare strings, and instrument in this deal.


  • We have not come across any cons of this acoustic guitar super combo till now.

4. JUAREZ Electric Guitar

Juarez JRZ-ST01, 6 Strings Electric Guitar

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Whether it is an electric or a non-electric guitar, you are going to find everything here. You name it, and JUAREZ will have it for you. However, today we have come to the discussion of their 3TS sunburst electric guitar. In India, we have not seen many options for electric guitars. This is why many people do not trust that they can come along decent deals on the internet. This skepticism can be because if consumers do not find trustable and reliable testimonials and ratings, they refrain from making a purchase mainly. After all, they do not trust the source at all. But what if we tell you that you can still have an electric guitar with good and sound ratings.

Yes, we are speaking about the same electric guitars. This guitar is so popular that you will find hundreds of buyer’s ratings online about this particular product. It also maintains a good 4/5 rating on Amazon, and even after that, it is priced a lot lesser than you expect. It has a Maple neck and fingerboard made from Rosewood. The glossy finish is also why it looks so lovely that it will set you apart from a crowd of people who own an electric guitar. Other than that, it also produces good sound. However, you might want to enhance that using an amplifier when you are playing it for many people. With steel strings and a well-built body, this electric guitar is the guitar of everyone’s dreams.


  • As included components, you will get a bag, a strap, two picks, and a set of extra guitar strings in the deal.
  • There are exceptionally positive reviews of this electric guitar on the internet.
  • It is very easy to control and will help you play many genres of music easily.


  • This electric guitar comes only in a single design, so you won’t have any other options.

5. JUAREZ ST38 Electric Guitar

JUAREZ ST38 Electric Guitar

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We have another Guitar from JUAREZ, and it is the ST38 Electric Guitar in blue design. It is a guitar for right-handed people and comes with a pair of picks in the set. You will also receive a guitar wire that you can use to play the instrument effectively and loudly when you get gigs. The same thing will also allow you to practice well and hone all your guitar playing skills. The best thing about this set is its price is just irresistible. This is because it is quite low when compared to the rates of most of the electric guitars in the country. Therefore, people who don’t think that they can invest in an electric guitar will find this guitar to be very easy to afford.

However, before buying this, you must know that you should know how an electric guitar is maintained. If you don’t, the instrument will lose its overall sound quality and won’t even last for more than a few years. This is why this instrument is known to last long with those guitar players who know a few things about playing the instrument. Nonetheless, this deal is amazing, and you will indeed be lured towards it as soon as you see it. The vibe of electric guitar feels different, and people who own and play electric guitars also wish to have at least one electric guitar in their collections. If you are this person, you should go buy this electric guitar now!


  • The blue color used in the look of this electric guitar is unique.
  • This guitar’s price is a lot less than many of the electric guitars that we have discussed.
  • Its strings are made from high-quality material and won’t need replacement even after a very long time of using the instrument.


  • If you do not know how to maintain an electric guitar, this product is not for you.

6. Fender Squier MM Electric Guitar

Fender Squier MM Electric Guitar

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How can one not discuss any Fender Guitars while discussing the best guitars in India? Fender is a well-known company known for making high sound quality guitar over the years. Many guitar players trust Fender fully and continue to go with their guitars always. But did you ever imagine that you will find a Fender guitar with a price under 10000 Rupees? If not, then you should look at the MM Stratocaster electric guitar by them. With a red design and a rich look, this guitar will put you right in the feels whenever you pick it to play some music. But if you do not want the red version, you can also pick the one with the black design. Isn’t that amazing?

With the help of this guitar, you will be able to rock some of the best tracks of rock music from the 60s and 70s. You will be able to create your rock music and even a rock band. The instrument has an SSS pickup configuration in which there are three pickups of single coils, all lined at the guitar’s neck, middle position, and the bridge. This configuration will work very well every time you wish to have a bright and crisp attack from the guitar. The tone that this guitar produces is balanced yet thick enough. It will also allow you to have a strong midrange. If this sounds like an electric guitar of your dreams, do not wait too long to get your hands on it.


  • This guitar not only has an aesthetic appeal but also has an amazing configuration.
  • It is from Fender so you can fully trust its build and overall quality.
  • There will also be the most effective transfer of energy to the guitar’s body whenever you play it.


  • You will not get any accessories like a gig bag or picks with this electric guitar’s purchase.

7. Xtag X-40C Acoustic Guitar

Xtag X-40C Acoustic Guitar

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As additional items, you will get five picks and a Gig Bag along with this acoustic Guitar from Xtag. You won’t get any color options as you invest in this product as it is only available in black color. However, when it is a black guitar who want to look for anything else, right? As far as the picks are concerned, you should know that you can use them on all types of guitar strings, made from nylon or stainless steel material. With a 40-inch cutaway and a neck made from Linden Wood, this is one of the few acoustic guitars that are loved my most of the professional guitar players here in the country.

Moreover, like any regular-sized acoustic guitar, it has 21 frets, and its fretboard is made from Rosewood. Isn’t that fantastic? But you should also realize that its body is made using Mahogany Wood. Therefore, no matter where you play it, you will have no complaints regarding its resonance and sound quality. It has an overall glossy finish and is also lightweight. This way, you will easily carry it even when you are playing the instrument while standing. From its tuning pegs to strings, everything is amazing. You must also be looking for deals online as in such cases; you will have to pay even lesser than the maximum retail price of its guitar.


  • Its body is made from Mahogany Wood, which creates immense resonance.
  • The bag that comes with this guitar has the most intricate stitching and won’t get damaged or torn easily.
  • The tuning pegs of this guitar never get jammed or cause any other trouble.


  • You won’t find many reviews of this acoustic guitar online.

8. Guitar Bro Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Bro Acoustic Guitar

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When beginners try to pick up a guitar, they are known to bend more towards the acoustic ones. This Guitar by Guitar bro can be the first step that leads them to a musical journey. The best thing is that you can pick this instrument from two color variants. These colors are – Black and Blue. However, we have seen buyers generally go for the blue option as it is more in trend these days when it comes to stringed instruments like a guitar. But we also have to explain here that buying this guitar will bring good things to you only if you are a beginner. If you have advanced skills, you must think of other options.

Whatever we have mentioned in this guitar section is because it also comes with a learning kit. This is why many people who do not know anything about the guitar will be able to enjoy learning from it the most. Also, think about the cost of a guitar tutor that you would be saving. About the guitar, we will say that it has a body made from Liden Wood. Its strings are highly qualitative and sophisticated. Anyone above the age of ten will find the size of this guitar amazing. With the learning kit’s help, you will learn how to place your fingers on the strings correctly. However, this kit only works on nylon strings.


  • You will get a self-learning kit with this acoustic guitar to learn to play the instrument independently.
  • You will also get a songbook and video lectures to hone your skills in the best possible way.
  • The sound quality of this acoustic guitar is top-notch.


  • The learning kit’s proprietary gadget can only be used on nylon strings and not guitar strings made from steel.

9. GIVSON Electric Guitar GS 1000

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Your search for a good electric guitar ends here. This dashing guitar is manufactured by GIVSON and is going to make all your musical dreams come true. As soon as you look at its pictures, you will be bound to fall in love with it. This is the guitar that will help turn your dreams into reality for all your rock band sessions. Additionally, the bag that you will get with this guitar is highly cushioned. This way, no matter how long you carry this guitar, it will never get harmed or develop any kind of scratches in its design. The fiery red and brick red combination on this guitar’s design is what makes it look like the guitar of a rockstar.

Also, as you look for its price, you will find that it is less costly than most of the electric guitars in the market. Therefore, we thought that if we did not include this amazing electric guitar on our list, we would be doing a lot of harm to our readers’ choices. Its bridge is adjustable, and you would love to know that it is made using brass. All in all, every part of this electric guitar is made from the most qualitative material. There are six strings in this instrument, and it is supposed to be used by right-handed people. Other than that, its fretboard is made with Rosewood material, which is known to be one of the best quality of woods to be used for making the fretboards of stringed instruments like a guitar.


  • The sunburst design of this electric guitar is what adds a lot of stars to its look.
  • Its cover for carrying it is cushioned for extra protection.
  • Its fretboard is created with Rosewood.


  • It is more suitable for beginners and learners of guitar who are in the primary levels of learning.

10. Kadence Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Wanderer Brown Soprano Ukulele

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We someone speaks about semi-acoustic guitars omitting the ones that are from Kadence is just impossible. Therefore, we are now bringing the semi-acoustic guitar by them, which is from the Acoustica Series. The Kadence A06 Guitar is made using Ashwood and comes with a bag you can use to carry the guitar anywhere you want. There are 21 frets in this instrument, allowing you to play lovely tunes for your audience or yourself. Even when it is semi-acoustic, you will still never find its sound quality to ever get compromised. This is the guitar that you would love to pick for a good time after a tiring day.

We have discussed its body material, but as far as its fretboard material is concerned, you should know that it is made using Rosewood. There are many buyers of this guitar in the country, and they only have good things to say about it. And let’s not forget how many people get cheated when they make an online purchase. However, none of that is going to happen when you click on buying this guitar. But if you are still not feeling sure, you can always look for this product near you in any of the instrument stores. Pick this semi-acoustic guitar without overthinking right now!


  • The resonating chamber works very well in catching sounds as you strum the strings.
  • It has a 39-inch stature, so it is easy to hold for people of all ages and genders.
  • You can find a lot of amazing ratings and reviews of this instrument online.


  • You won’t be getting any guitar straps in the product package.


These were ten of the best electric and non-electric guitars that we picked exclusively for our readers. Please know that we have invested hours in our study and tried to include only those that match our quality and build standards. Nonetheless, you will pick or like at least one of our guitar choices, and we cannot wait for you to have that particular guitar in your hands. Whether you pick an electric or a non-electric guitar depends totally on your choices and preferences.

But if you are ever stuck in the thoughts, you can try contacting the company directly or look at the reviews of the guitar that matched your standards.