The guitar is one of the most popular musical instrument in every culture. Even in India, guitars are very popular. A lot of credit behind the popularity goes to the compact design. They are easy to carry, and hence people prefer playing the guitars. If you look at the drum set or a keyboard, then they can often be very bulky. With guitar, you are free of all such concerns. Moreover, there are different types of guitar available in the market. You will find acoustic guitar, semi-acoustic guitar, electric guitar and a bass guitar. All the guitars produce a different sound.

You may want to have different types of guitar, or you may look for a specific kind of guitar. The choice of guitar is more of your personal preference, and it depends on what you like to play. In India, you will find all types of guitar, but there is considerable variability when it comes to the price of the guitars. The price can vary, and you can find something in less than Rs 5000. You can even find guitars costing lakhs. There is a noticeable difference in the quality of these guitars. Before buying a guitar, it is better to set a budget for yourself.

If you are looking for a guitar below Rs 20,000, then you will find all the information here. In this article, we have covered the top 5 best guitars from good brands that you will find in this price range. These guitars are readily available in the market, and we have included almost every type of guitar on the list. You can scroll down and check out the list that we have for you.

Here are the top 5 best guitars that are available in less than Rs 20,000.

1. Ibanez GSR – 200 – TR, 4 Strings Electric Bass Guitar

Ibanez GSR - 200 - TR, 4 Strings Electric Bass Guitar

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A lot of people buy acoustic and electric guitars, and that is something very common these days. If you want something unique, then you can opt for a bass guitar. The bassist in any band is always the backbone of the band. This factor certainly highlights the importance of a bass guitar. We are sure that by now, you are willing to buy a shiny bass guitar for yourself. If that is the case, then you must have a look at this electric bass guitar from Ibanez. The guitar has a basswood body, and it comes with an elegant maple neck. The fretboard of this guitar is designed with rosewood. It also has an inlay of white dots to help you in identifying the notes.

The guitar has a total of 22 frets, and it also comes with b10 bridge. This model is available in red colour with chrome finish at certain places. Another good thing is that it is not a Chinese productas this guitar is manufactured in Indonesia. Ibanez is one of the best brands for the guitar so you can purchase this model without any concerns. The active bass boost enables you to provide a wide range of sound when you are playing the guitar. It should be noted that this is a guitar that comes in a soft padded cover and no straps, cables or hard case is included in the pack.


  • Ibanez offers one year warranty on this guitar.
  • The guitar comes with a shiny red finish, and it also has components with a chrome finish.
  • This guitar plays very well, and the bass doesn’t sound too heavy.


  • The guitar doesn’t come with a case.

2. Fender CD60s Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD60s Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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If you didn’t like the bass guitar or if you are not a bass guitarist then we assume that you might be looking for something simple like an acoustic guitar. The fact is that the acoustic guitars are available at a much lower cost, but if you need a good quality sound, then you will have to increase your budget. Here is one such guitar which is for the people who is looking for a high quality sound. The body of this guitar has a dreadnought style, and it is made of the mahogany top. The guitar also has a scalloped x bracing which improves the looks of this guitar. Some brands use cheap quality material for the back and sides. This kind of built may impact sound quality negatively. The good thing is that Fender uses Mahogany for constructing the back and side of the guitar.

The rolled fingerboard edges make it easy to play the guitar. The sides do not bite you even when you play the guitar for a long time. Just like the previous product, this guitar is also manufactured in Indonesia. Just like any other standard acoustic guitar, this has six strings. The total weight of the guitar is 3.31 Kg, and it comes nicely backed in the safe packaging material. You also get picks, strap and extra strings in the pack. In addition to this, the brand offers you a 30 day trial classes for learning the guitar on your own. It is a perfect guitar for beginners and internment guitarists.


  • The guitar is made of Mahogany, and the brand uses the same wood for making back and sides.
  • This six-string guitar is very easy to play, and it has amazing quality.
  • The pack comes with picks, straps and extra strings.


  • Nothing as such.

3. Yamaha electric guitar Pacifica PAC012

Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Electric Guitar

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We have talked about an acoustic guitar and a bass guitar. The next type of guitar that we are going to talk about is an electric guitar. So, in your opinion, which is the best brand for electric guitars? We are sure that your answer is Yamaha. To your delight, we have an option from Yamaha, and it will fit into your budget as well. This electric guitar from Yamaha is going to perform better than your expectations. The sound and the design can’t be compared with any other brand. It is the best electric guitar that you will find in the given price range. This model is available in a midnight black colour, and it will make you feel like a Rockstar when you are on the stage.

In the package, you get a sponge bag that makes it easy for you to carry the guitar. The padding in the bag keeps the guitar safe from scratches as well. The brand also provides with plectrums and a belt. All these things make it easy for you to play the guitar when you are on stage. The total weight of the guitar is approximately 3 Kg. You can couple up this guitar with a nice amplifier and distortion pedal. These things will enable you to play different types of sounds by giving it a heavy tone. With a year’s warranty, you can rely on this guitar. Overall, if you are looking for an electric guitar, then this is the best that you can find in the market.


  • Yamaha offers one year warranty on this electric guitar.
  • The combo comes with plectrums, a belt and a sponge bag.
  • This guitar produces amazing sound quality, and there is no noise or unwanted distortion in the guitar.


  • There are no cons associated with this guitar.

4. Alvarez RD26CE Regent Dreadnought Cutaway 6 String Electro Acoustic Guitar

Alvarez RD26CE Regent Guitar

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The next option on our list is from Alvarez. This guitar is an acoustic guitar which comes with six strings. This guitar falls under Alvarez Regent, and the top section is made of Spruce. The back and side are designed with Mahogany. In addition to this, the guitar has a dreadnought shape that comes with a cutaway. The neck of this guitar is also made of Mahogany, and the whole guitar has a satin finish. The bridge is designed with the Techwood. The actual price of this guitar is over Rs 30,000, but it is available at a special price on Amazon, and you will be able to purchase it within your budget. The fingerboard of this guitar is also of good quality. The nuts, along with other metal parts, have a chrome finish on them. The binding on this guitar is of Ivory ABS whereas the string supplied with the guitar are D’Addario EXP26. These are the best strings that you can get with a guitar.

It is an entry level guitar from the brand, but it has a lot of features that you will only find in the pro-level guitars. Some of the features like the bi-level rosewood bridge and PPS synthetic bone nuts are the best features of this guitar. The sound is very clear, and playing this guitar is a delight. The neck is slimmer than the regular models, and this neck makes it easy for the beginners to play the guitar. If you are looking for a guitar in the given range, then this is the best purchase that you are going to make. You also get a cover as a part of a standard package.


  • It is the most premium guitar that you will find in this given range.
  • The brand supplies D’Addario EXP26 strings with the guitar.
  • The guitar is expensive, but it is available at a massive discount.


  • Nothing as such.

5. Cort AD810E BKS, 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar

Cort AD810E BKS, 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar

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We have reached the end of our list for today, and at number 5, we present you with a guitar from Cort. This guitar is mainly designed with Mahogany, but it has other material as well. The fretboard of the guitar is made of rosewood, and the body is made of the dreadnought. The sides and back of the guitar are designed with Mahogany. The neck of the guitar is also made of Mahogany. This material not only adds a lot of structural strength, but it also makes the guitar sound better. The tuners have been casted specially for the guitar, and the electronics in this guitar include Cort CE 304T with ceramic pickup.

Strings offered in the pack are Jumbo 6ST. The guitar also has an advanced X bracing for the higher quality standards. There are 20 frets on the fretboard of this guitar, and it also has white dots so that you can easily identify the notes while you are learning to play the guitar. You get one year warranty on the guitar, and the brand covers all the manufacturing defects during the warranty period. The weight of the guitar is 4.56 Kgs, and it is relatively easy to carry. It would have been better if the brand provided with a carrying case for this guitar. Overall, it is going to be a nice purchase, and you will not face any such issues with it.


  • It is made of Mahogany, and it has an all-black design.
  • The brand offers a one year warranty on the guitar.
  • It is not a Chinese product, and the country of origin is Indonesia.


  • This guitar comes without a case.

Are Expensive Guitars Worth It?

Expensive guitars are trendy in the guitar world. Any guitarist will agree with the fact that expensive guitars are worth it. As a beginner, some may doubt that is an expensive guitar essential? However, there are many benefits to owning a high price guitar. These guitars can make you feel like a rock star. They are not overpriced or popular for no reason. These expensive guitars come with solid features that are useful for the professional guitarist. If you still doubt these guitars are worth it, then let us consider some of the reasons why they are the best.

  1. The expensive guitars are excellent.

The expensive guitars are super good for the price they come in. They can meet all the needs of a professional guitarist. The expensive guitars have a good reputation, build and features.

 If you invest in these expensive guitars, then you can benefit from it for a long time. Only the top guitar brands are available at high prices. All these expensive guitars are used not only by high profile guitarists but any professional guitarist. Also, with the high price, you can see unique features and guitars models.

  1. The construction of the expensive guitars

The expensive guitars are worth it due to their construction and quality. The guitar parts such as string, body, features everything is made of world-class products.

 Most of the expensive guitars are unique and handmade. There is nothing such as mass production with these guitars. Every expensive guitar is given special attention and labour. The top brands make it a goal to provide unique guitars to the buyers.

Many top brands produce expensive guitars for professionals. Even the smallest of details is best in these guitars. The control, tune, sound, quality and everything about this guitar are perfect.

  1. The quality of materials

The quality of parts used can make a massive difference. The guitars made with costly woods and parts sound extremely more beautiful than the inexpensive ones. Even the neck, body and hardware of these guitars are high end. Even the small piece of hardware is top quality materials.

  1. The best tuners

The tuning machines are crucial in any guitar. Tuners are not an expensive part of the guitar. However, when talking about the inexpensive guitars, you will get tuners that are a part of mass production. However, with an expensive guitar, even the tuners are unique. The tuners in the expensive guitar are best. The expensive guitars have tuners that are easy to adjust and modify. With a smooth touch, you can change the tuning easily.

  1. The bridge of the guitar

Another crucial part of the guitar is the bridge. The bridge in high quality will remain intact. It will help to secure the strings in the guitar. In the inexpensive guitars, the bridge will lose its position over time. The expensive bridge will follow the flow of the guitar strings. However, a cheap guitar can easily get damaged. Also, cheap bridges are difficult to handle.

The expensive guitars are worth your money. They are not overpriced but they are best in quality. If you want to be a professional guitarist, then investing in an inexpensive guitar will help you in the process.


We hope that you have been through all the reviews. You can now select the guitar you like. A lot of readers reach out to us, and they all have the same question. Everyone wants to know about a reliable place from where they can purchase a guitar. Our recommendation is to buy the guitar from Amazon, and you can choose a reputable seller on Amazon. This way, you can be assured of getting a genuine guitar. You can even check out the reviews of the sellers to get a fair idea about the product that you are expecting. We have shared all the required details with you, and if you need more information on a guitar or if you want to check the exact price then you can visit the product links that we have listed along with the reviews.

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