As you look for instruments in India, you will find that guitars are the stringed instruments hugely sold these days. Many people invest these amazing instruments as they love the vibe that they help in setting in a room or place. This is why you will notice many people carrying the guitar as you head out from your home. Many people also know at least one or two acquaintances who know how to play the guitar. Interestingly, you must also be inspired to own a guitar.

When it comes to guitars, you can find electric as well as non-electric versions. However, the electric ones cost more, and they also sound low. This is why you will also have to invest in an amplifier is you purchase electric guitars. On the other hand, non-electric guitars do not need such extra investments. They sound high and hence help in setting the mood of the whole place. As you keep practicing, you will learn all the chords and will be able to tweak them to the beats of all kinds of songs.

But even after that, finding an affordable guitar is challenging. For some people, the whole process can also feel a little tiresome. Therefore, we decided to act as help. Today, we have brought nine guitars for you that are priced below Rs. 3000 and can be purchased by anyone in India. In our list, we have added eight acoustic guitars and one ukulele guitar. So, you will have a lot of options that you can choose from.

Let us discuss each of these guitars now –

1. Jaurez 038C Black Acoustic Guitar

Jaurez 038C Black Acoustic Guitar

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With a cutaway of 38 inches, this guitar has everything gorgeous. It not only comes with extra strings but also comes with a strap and picks. Acoustic guitars are well known for the fantastic sound that they create. This is because they have a hollow body which works exceptionally well when it is about resonating sound. However, most of the acoustic guitars in India are priced very high. We have seen many people dropping the idea of buying an acoustic guitar just because they could not afford it. Therefore, we had to come up with this black guitar by JUAREZ. If you know a little bit about JUAREZ, you must understand that even though they are new in the guitar market, they still have a fantastic customer base all over the country.

Additionally, these days it is difficult to get a guitar these days that are affordable and still have top-notch sound quality. The JUAREZ guitar is not here to disappoint anyone. It will turn out to be the best first guitar. Many beginners fascinated by guitars can consider this instrument as their stepping stone towards a popular guitar playing journey. It will also help you sing well. This is because singing along with an instrument helps you reach high and low notes pretty easily. When we first saw this, we were struck by its overall glossy black appearance. It not only looks stylish but also helps in setting its player apart from others in the crowd. Its bridge is made using plastic while its neck is created using Linden Wood material. If you know about Linden Wood, you must surely know its immense applications in guitars’ manufacturing.


  • This is an amazingly able acoustic guitar, which will help you learn everything about the instrument.
  • It has 18 frets, which will allow you to learn all the chords of the guitar.
  • All the additional accessories that come with the instrument are tremendously qualitative.


  • We do not have cons of the Juarez 038C Acoustic Guitar.

2. Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar

Jaurez 038C Black Acoustic Guitar

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We consider the Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar to be another amazing addition to our list. Other than looking good, this acoustic guitar also feels good on the hands. As you get the hang of it, you will learn how to play all its chords pretty easily. However, you will have to devote many hours to practicing and honing your guitar playing skills. Since this is an acoustic guitar, you won’t have sound problems if you have a gig for a small crowd, thanks to its high sound quality and overall reach. You will receive three picks in the package, a guitar strap, and a gig bag along with the guitar. The bag is stitched well, and it will never create problems when you use it to cover and carry your guitar even on long journeys.

As far as the guitar is concerned, we have to mention to our readers that they can choose it from four different colors. These colors are red, black, blue, and sunburst. But before you head out and add the guitar in your cart, you must know that most people go with the black or sunburst color. Therefore if you want to blend in, you can choose your guitar from these two colors. However, if you want to stand apart, you can pick this acoustic guitar from blue or red color. It is a 38-inch acoustic guitar with an impeccable styling in its overall design. Its back material, as well as the fingerboard, are both made using Linden Wood. From that, you can surely know that this instrument is not going to leave your side even after many years of your purchase.


  • With an innovative design and great looks, this guitar will highly impress anyone and everyone.
  • It has 18 frets, and its exterior design has a glossy finish.
  • The frame of the guitar is made from high-quality wood, and its strings are made using steel.


  • We do not have cons.

3. Photron PH38C/BK Acoustic Guitar

Photron PH38C-BK Acoustic Guitar

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When a product is good, it receives positive ratings from a lot of people. Most of these people also use review-platform to post their honest reviews. Sometimes these reviews have complaints, but if the product is impressive, the reviews are mostly about how much they love using it. The latter is the case with the Photron PH38C/BK Acoustic Guitar. Yes, it has many positive reviews from a lot of people all over India. However, if you find any negative statement, that will be only because the guitar is meant for usage by people who are beginners when it comes to guitar playing. Therefore, you must be sure before your purchase and know that it does not have anything like a high-end guitar. But, for beginners, the instrument will work as a fantastic aid.

With a 38-inch cutaway, this guitar is available with a few picks that you can use to strum the instrument’s strings. All these picks are quite tough and won’t crack easily. For fans of acoustic guitars, this instrument is a must-have. Photron has been a leading brand in India that has manufactured and delivered many guitars to buyers in metro cities and small towns. Their reach in the country is quite high, so you will find many people holding their guitars in their hands. Additionally, as soon as online delivery in the country started, we have also noticed a huge spike in people from small towns who want to own this guitar. This acoustic guitar can be the guitar of your dreams, and if you practice it well, it will help make all your dreams come true.


  • The black and glossy finish of this guitar is what attracts many buyers.
  • It has steel strings with geared tuning and full-body wood construction.
  • This is the most amazing guitar that beginners can find.


  • You won’t get spare strings or a guitar carry bag in the package.
  • This guitar does not meet the quality of high-end guitars.

4. Breve BRE-38C-RD Acoustic Guitar

Breve BRE-38C-RD Acoustic Guitar

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Many people look up for acoustic guitars with a unique design. If not that, they at least want to settle for a guitar with a color like no other guitars that are usually purchased. This guitar will meet those criteria and still won’t rob a lot of money from your bank balance. After all, who does not like good things that they do not have to pay a huge price for, right? It is from the guitar making company Breve and comes in four colors: red, blue, black, and natural. The black and natural colors of the instrument are not that unique and look like other guitars, to be honest. However, when it comes to the red and blue colors, you will find that they are not just solid colors. Instead, they have a hint of the black border, which sets the whole tone of the color apart.

Other than three picks, you will receive a gig bag and a guitar strap just like you do in many guitar deals. However, you have to know that this guitar is priced under Rs. 3000, and yet the manufacturers have included these accessories. That is something that everyone must appreciate. You won’t have to save your money up for many months to buy a guitar. You can simply go with the BRE-38C-RD acoustic guitar. Once you learn how to play it, you will be able to strum it in the tunes of all the songs that you listen to. How impressive is that? And even then, you will notice that its resonance will remain high with a good reach. Its ultra-portable design is also easy to hold and will allow you to play the instrument in a stress-free manner.


  • Its resonance is unsurpassed as its build is highly innovative.
  • The red and blue color options of the instrument are unique.
  • For stress, free guitar playing this product is the best.


  • The black and blue options do not have hints of other colors and are quite bland compared to the other two colors.

5. Jixing Purple Acoustic Guitar

Jixing Purple Acoustic Guitar

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Another gorgeous addition to our list of the guitar is the guitar from Jixing. You must have seen many guitars and colors of guitars till now. However, we are sure that you would have never come along a purple guitar. That is what this guitar is. Purple is one of the most attractive colors ever known. In the ancient period, it used to signify wealth and was hence used immensely in kings and queens’ costumes. And even after having such a rich color, the price of this guitar is still below Rs. 3000. If that does not blow your minds, we don’t know what will. For having a deal where you can tick all the boxes, you must have to search extremely hard. However, with this one, all your requirements will be satisfied.

It has a size of 38 inches and comes with a wooden body as it is an acoustic guitar. The back and side material are both Linden Wood. Other than that, the strings of this guitar are made using stainless steel. Stainless steel may feel a bit harsh on your fingers, but you will get used to it with practice. Additionally, you must also try to replace the strings with the stainless steel version only if they ever break. There are 18 frets in this instrument, which will allow you to play all the chords. You will also be able to sing along any scale that you are comfortable with once you pick this amazing acoustic guitar. Moreover, you will also have a strap and a bag in the package. Not only that, but you will also have spare strings and a pick.


  • The color and design of this acoustic guitar are the most unique until now.
  • The strap that comes in the package can be used very easily.
  • The sound and resonance of the instrument will never fail to impress you.


  • Buyers have shown some concerns with the sound reach of this guitar.

6. Blueberry B-D38 Acoustic Guitar

Blueberry B-D38 Acoustic Guitar

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This is not just a guitar; it is a whole kit that you will get in this package. The colors that you can choose it from are also very unique. These colors are, namely, blue, red-sunburst, natural, and brown (wooden). However, out of these four colors, the brown (wooden) option will cost you a little more than Rs. 3000. Therefore, we had to inform you that under Rs. 3000 you will only be able to pick from the blue, red sunburst and natural colors. But don’t get disappointed as these colors are also hugely attractive. They are all rich and unique at the same time. With this guitar in your hands, you will be making a style statement in front of your crowd. All in all, you must not wait too long to invest in this acoustic guitar by Blueberry.

You will also be receiving a truss rod along with a bag, guitar strap, and spare strings. This is why we called this deal as a whole kit and not just a guitar in a package. Additionally, the side and back of this guitar are made using Linden Wood. You must be highly aware of how well-resonating Linden Wood can be. Other than that, for the bridge, the makers have used plastic to design this instrument. The truss rod that comes in the deal works with dual action. This way, you will be able to adjust it as per your convenience and liking. It will always offer you great liberty whenever you would want to adjust any action of the guitar’s neck. With the rod, you will be able to fix all types of warp in the guitar’s neck. Such warps often happen when climate changes, and with the rod, your guitar will become more and more resilient. All the hefty repair jobs will be finished easily.


  • The truss rod that comes in the kit proves highly beneficial when it is about fixing warps in the guitar that happen due to change in the climate.
  • The tuning pegs of this acoustic guitar run freely and smoothly whenever you try to tune the instrument.
  • The overall tone of the instrument is marvelous.


  • The sound quality of this instrument is something that a few buyers have complaints with.

7. Medellin Acoustic MED-BLUE-C Guitar

Medellin Acoustic MED-BLUE-C Guitar

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Many guitar players, especially male guitar players, often look for blue guitars as they find them to be extremely attractive. If you too are looking for one such guitar, then we have this option for you. The best part is that you won’t even have to pay more than Rs. 3000 for it. We have many people who often have a complaint that even when they can find a good guitar at a reasonable price, they are still not able to have the instrument in the color that they love. Therefore, for them, we had our primary focus not only on the sound quality of the guitar but also its color at the same time. We just want you to have the best guitar and not feel that you settled for anything less. In our quest, we landed at this fantastic guitar by Medellin, which has the looks and the resonance that you always expect from an acoustic guitar.

You can get your hands very easily on it even when you live in a small town. People who have no access to an instrument store in their locality can always look for the MED-BLU-C acoustic guitar online. Once you order it, you will receive it in a week or two. But we would like to add that you must be aware of frauds and only make a purchase from reputed sites in the country. One such site is Amazon. There, you can also access the reviews of this guitar to be surer about it. Additionally, if you buy the instrument during festive deals, you will own it at an even lesser price. Isn’t that amazing? This guitar has an exterior design that many Indians have appreciated, and once you have your hands on it, you will start liking it too.


  • The blue color and extra design on the guitar’s exterior look are amazing.
  • If you are a beginner, this instrument will prove to be an immense value for your money.
  • You can find many positive reviews of the MED-BLU-C guitar on the internet.


  • If you don’t like the blue color, you won’t be able to have this guitar in any other color.

8. Zabel Soprano Ukulele in Natural Color Tone

Zabel Soprano Ukulele in Natural Color Tone

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Next up, we have a ukulele for you. Ukuleles are the smaller versions of guitars if you do not know already. We wanted to include them on our list because they are amazing for someone who wants to learn a thing or two about guitars but is still never able to find something that fits perfectly in the budget that they have decided. Other than the instrument, you will also get a bag in the deal where you can place it securely when you are not trying to play it. But if you wish, you can also invest in a ukulele hook, which will allow you to hang the instrument on the wall. But the advantage of the bag is that it will also allow you to carry the instrument safely wherever you go. So, even if you have the hook, you must not throw away the bag in any condition or situation.

Unlike guitars, ukuleles have four strings, but you should not underestimate them as you can still play a lot of chords in these miniature guitars. This particular ukulele is by Zabel Soprano. Once you learn how to maintain the instrument, you will see how it will last for many years without fail with you. It has great sound quality and is more portable when compared to the guitar. You can take it anywhere, and the instrument will help bring the best out of place. What more can you expect from such instruments, right? The natural tone of the ukulele does not hurt the eye. It is very easy to hold because of its small build. Additionally, you also won’t have to invest in other tuners for it if you already own a guitar tuner. If you want to make a smooth transition to guitars, this is the product that you need.


  • This instrument is very easy to hold and is also highly portable.
  • You will receive a ukulele carry bag in the deal.
  • Its natural tone won’t ever hurt the eyes at all.


  • Other than the bags, you won’t be getting any other accessories.

9. GB Plaza GBP0127L Acoustic Guitar

GB Plaza GBP0127L Acoustic Guitar

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With a mix of yellow, brick red, and black in its color, this is the guitar that you would want to have if you go to a campfire with your friends. As you play it sitting around the bonfire, you will be setting the mood of all your friends. After all, what is a bonfire without a guitar, right? Many people have claimed how they love it when there is someone around with a guitar when they move to someplace for spending their time. As the demand for guitars increased, people started looking for them more and more. But if you are looking for a guitar too, we suggest you not to pick something right after you see it online. Many times you could also end up buying a counterfeit instrument that isn’t even returnable.

However, we have picked this instrument after studying it a lot. We also have our experience with it, and we can vouch for its amazing sound quality all the time. Even if its bordered design has a mix of colors, the overall appearance of the instrument is still glossy. Therefore, you won’t have any complaints with this instrument at all. Its fretboard is made from Ebony Wood, while its fingerboard is constructed using Linden Wood. It won’t develop warps even when you have immense climatic changes, and this way, it will be with you for many years without causing any trouble that you cannot handle. It has steel strings, but if you are not comfortable with them, you can also replace them with nylon strings. However, you must know that with steel strings, the instrument will sound better.


  • There are 18 frets in this guitar, and you will also get two picks to strum its strings.
  • The guitar’s neck is made using Linden Wood.
  • It does not weigh too much, so you can also play it while you are standing.


  • There are no color options for this instrument.

Beginner Guitar Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the right age to learn guitar?

All you need to learn a guitar is determination. People of any age, both young and old, can learn a guitar. From six years to 6o plus individuals can learn a guitar. There is no right age to start playing any guitar.

  • How many hours should I practise the guitar?

People practice from 1 to 10 hours in a day. The minimum practice you can get a day is one hour. With a regular one-hour guitar practice, you can easily learn it within a few months. You can learn the basic notes of the guitar within one month.

  • What should I choose for acoustic or electric guitar?

You can choose an acoustic or an electric guitar-based on your interest. If you want to start with a classical guitar, then acoustics is great. If you want to learn modern guitar, then the electric is the best choice. The interest is what matters to learn a guitar. Think about the genre, the notes and the playability to choose between these two guitars.

  • What type of musical styles can I play in a guitar?

There are plenty of music genres and styles to play with a guitar. There are rock, metal, jazz, polka and much more music styles. You can choose the music genre you are interested in. Your guitar trainer can help you with the right musical style. However, the basics for all these styles are almost the same.

  • What is a power chord?

Whether it is an acoustic or electric guitar, you will have to learn power chords. The 5 main chords in the guitar are called the power chord. They are the major scales that include a root note. You will be familiar with the power chords in your guitar training sessions.

  • What is the first step of learning a guitar?

The first thing to learn is how to tune a guitar. If the guitar is not in tune, then all you play will sound like noise. The first class in most of the guitar classes is on how to fine-tune your guitar. The next step is to learn the basic chords of the guitar. For beginners, the first few classes are all about getting familiar with the sound of the guitar.

  • What are the notes in a guitar?

Learning the notes is a crucial step in guitar classes. Knowing the notes will help you to be familiar with the chords, styles and scales. The fretboard will contain all the notes of your guitar. After the twelfth fret, the notes will repeat in the same order.

  • What is the right guitar size?

There are plenty of guitars in different shapes and sizes. The right one fits your arm. A guitar that is bigger than your arm can make it hard for you to play. The guitar short from your arm will be uncomfortable. To get the right size guitar, you need to play and try before buying one.


Many people who find guitars to be unaffordable will immensely like our picks. It was our motto to bring affordable guitars for you that are also high in their sound quality. After all, who wants to end up with an instrument that does not sound good, right? Other than discussing the intricate details of each guitar, we have also tried to shed immense light on the pros and cons as well. Therefore, do not forget to read such details along with the guitar’s description. Don’t think you cannot own a guitar because if you like anything from our list, you surely will have that instrument in your hands. You will also not feel like you had to invest a high amount of money.