Learning and playing the guitar is a dream for many people. But not everyone has enough time and money to spend on a guitar or guitar class. There is no easy way to playing the guitar than playing it now. But how can you play if you have no one to train you or there is no guitar? If you spend a few bucks for buying a cheap guitar, then you can learn and play guitar at home itself. You need not have to spend a lot of money on it. And when you are learning it at home, you need not have to worry about timings as well. You can learn it during your free time, your own timings.

So, if you always wanted to learn guitar, then here is how to learn it from home…

Learn and Play the Guitar at home

Know the guitar

Before you get started with playing the guitar, you should first know about it. As you are learning it by yourself at home, it is good to know about the guitar first. How to hold the guitar, the types of guitar, how are they made, which type of guitar is good for you as a beginner and get used to the frets and the fretboard as well? This way, when you are learning it, you will understand the terms easily.

Get an app

The technology has enhanced in every field. You will be able to find an app to learn almost everything from your phone. You should be able to find one for learning guitar as well. When you check on your smartphone, you will be able to find hundreds of apps. Go through the details of the apps and check out the reviews as well. These reviews can be very helpful in helping you understand which is the best app for you. You can pick two to three apps if you think they are good and can be very helpful to you.

Online videos

Your next step is to check out the online videos for guitar lessons for beginners. YouTube is one of the best and free website where you will be able to find thousands of videos that can be helpful for you. But you need to filter from so many videos and pick a few best ones. You will have to make sure that the videos that you are picking have a clear explanation and all details in a simple language that you can understand. If you are picking complicated or professional-level videos, then it can tough for you to understand and learn. Apart from YouTube, there are many websites that have free videos, and you can take help from them as well.

Train yourself

When you are learning something by yourself, then you need to train yourself. It is the same with the guitar as well. You need to listen to what you wish to learn. Listen and repeat – these two steps can help you learn things in a simple way. You will have to repeat again and again until things are clear for you and you understand what you are learning.

Read some important stuff

You can learn certain things by looking at them, and some things are better understood when you are reading about them. So, as part of your learning guitar from home, you can read some interesting books, articles and other sources to get information about the guitar. You can know more about the music theory, how to perform and also about how to play the guitar. Read them until they are clear for you or you can search for related videos if reading is making you confused.

Play for your family and friends

There cannot be a better way to learn guitar than playing it for others. When you think you are done with practicing with some notes or chords, then you can play it for your family or friends. You will be able to decide for yourself whether you are doing well or not. But when others listen to your music, you will be able to get a better suggestion. You should always play for those who will give you genuine feedback and suggestions. You should be ready to take any kind of feedback even if you think you are doing well. Suggestions will only help you improve and hence make sure you accept them positively.

Listen to other instruments

When you are learning guitar, it is not just guitar that you need to concentrate on. This is because you will have to coordinate with other musicians in the band to play a song or to play at some concert. So, you should listen to other instruments that are required for the song and try to coordinate with them. That way, things will get better, and you will be able to play better.

Have a plan

When you get started with learning guitar from books, video and other sources, you will understand what you need to learn and practice. So, it is always good to have a plan for yourself. That makes it easy for you to learn in a systematic way. You will also be able to track your progress when you are having a detailed plan for yourself.

Speak to experts or friends

If you have any friends or you know any experts, who inspired you to learn guitar, then you can speak to them. They will be able to explain to you the keynotes to concentrate on and what kind of mistakes you need to avoid. A suggestion from a person who has knowledge about playing the guitar can be very helpful for you. It will help you improve the plan you are following and the way you are playing.

These are some simple steps that can help you to get started with learning guitar at home. It is fine if you are learning it just like a hobby.

But if you want to excel in it or want to make it as your profession, then you will need proper training and trainer for learning guitar. There is so much you need to know when you are learning guitar.