A good guitar is the one that allows you to play and enjoy a nice experience. A good guitar is best about its sound quality. Also, the fretboard of such a guitar should be smooth to get a good sound quality. In a guitar, look or feel, which is more important? Most people go with the feel, as one should feel good to play the guitar. For such people, look doesn’t matter at all. Here we will discuss the same topic in detail.

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Brand Differences in look and feel

There are so many brands that manufacture guitars. But most of them don’t have the same features. Some people admire the look of some guitars and go with them. Some people like the better feeling neck to play the guitar in hands. This shows that people consider both looks and feel in a guitar.

Some brand gives more importance to the look of the guitar. For instance, the guitar has an abalone binding on the fretboard. It delivers a great look for guitars. But for people to play the guitar, a good feel is important. People will quit playing the guitar when they don’t feel good. So, the guitar brands are giving much importance to both look and feel of the guitars.

Past Perception

When you want to buy a good budget guitar, you will see and analyze it. You never buy the guitar that you don’t like to see it. It means the fact that people decide the guitar based on the look. For them, they can change the feel of the guitar easily. So, the look is a must for guitar. But people should understand that the brand and quality are important. So, try to pick the guitar from a professional. At the same time, the budget is another thing that you need to focus on. Thus, one can consider the look, brand, and budget to buy the guitar.


You can’t simply go with any guitars that you see in the shop. One has to wait until they get the perfect guitar. When you hurry up in buying the guitar, you will get many problems. You will choose a guitar which is not on a sale in the market. Or, you will choose a guitar which will not provide you comfort zone to play. Until you play the guitar and get the feel, you will never know it.

In the above article, some statements mean the look of a guitar is important. While some statements mean the feel of a guitar is important. All such statements are from different perspectives of people. Thus, both look and feel important while choosing the guitar. Ensure that you play the guitar to feel the comfort zone.