If you love playing the guitar, you also have to pay enough attention to it and take time to maintain it properly. If you do it, you are more likely to determine the right time to change the strings properly before it is too late. It would save you the trouble of feeling embarrassed because the string breaks when you are playing to an audience.

Signs that the strings have to be changed

Guitar Strings

Tuning issues – Tuning issues that you have is an indication that the strings have to be changed. But, note that tuning problems can occur with brand new strings as well. You have got to deal with it but stretching the strings out a little bit for the first few times you play them. However, if you have had the strings on your guitar for more than two weeks and feel that it does not hold tune as well as it did a day or two back, then it is an indication that the strings have to be changed.

Dull tone – Generally, the tone of music that erupts from fresh new strings of the guitar is bright, crisp, and present. However, thee are a few guitarists who love the mellower tone that comes with a slightly old string that is about a week to four weeks old. However, strings older than four weeks or anything dull in between the time is an indication that you have got to change the strings.

Discoloration of the string – If you love your guitar and take time to examine it closely, you would not fail to notice that the strings have lost their lustre. They would feature a dull grey look if they are made of nickel or steel and would turn dark brown in case of copper-coloured strings. The discolouration though is quite common, and the reason for it is the oil in your fingers that lead to corrosion and breakage as well. However, it is an indicator of swapping strings.

Stiffness of the strings – The guitar strings have to be bendable and flexible. Stiffness of the string is an indication that the metal is starting to corrode. Though the strings might not snap immediately, you can consider that they are in the risk zone. Therefore, it is time to buy a new one and keep it handy or change it straight away.

Dirty strings – It is advisable to clean the guitar strings every time you use it. If you fail to do so, it might make the strings dirty. You would then not smooth, slippery feel you would have while playing the guitar. You are likely to experience some friction that would prevent your fingers from moving smoothly along the strings. Dirty strings would produce dull tones as well. They would also hamper the movement of fingers around the fretboard. This is again a sign that the strings have to be changed.

You would not be playing your best when there is some issue with the string. When you have a simple remedy as changing the strings to maintain the guitar at its best and also ensure that you are playing well, it is indeed important to take note of the signs and change the strings immediately