It can be annoying if the guitar goes out of tune. Even after proper tuning, some guitars go out of tune. There are many reasons for capo out of tune issues. Tuning problems can be difficult to fix. If you encounter these guitar issues, then immediately check if the tuning is correct. You can use an electric tuner to check if your tuning is correct or not. Also, let us see other reasons for tuning issues.

Check the guitar nut If the guitar is out of tune, then you can hear a sharp “ping” sound. This can occur if there is any nut problem in guitar. The guitar nut can be seen above the fretboard. This nut should be placed properly on the sting. If the nut is very narrow, then the capo jumps upward and causes tuning problems. Try to fix the nut by yourself by lubricating it. If the problem persists, then you can take it a professional repairer.

  1. The intonation issues 

Intonation is the main cause of guitar out of tune problems. When there is intonation issue, the chords and notes sound seem more out of tune. This issue can worsen when using a capo. It is easy to detect to intonation problems. To solve this issue, you can check whether the string is tuned properly. You can press and see the string in other frets to see if the note is correct. If the detect intonation problem is very bad, then go to a professional repairer. If you have a guitar with adjustable saddles, then you can easily fix this issue on your own.

  1. The old strings 

Sometimes the guitar is out of tune due to old strings. To avoid this problem, you need to change the strings very often. You can change the string easily on your own. If you do not know to change the strings, then learn from YouTube videos. Also, when changing the strings, ensure that there is enough space for every string.

  1. The capo problem 

Major tuning problems can occur if you are using a capo. This problem is common on guitar with huge frets. If a capo is not placed properly, then it will pull out the guitar strings. So, try to place the capo on the top of fret to prevent these issues.

  1. The strap tied to headstock 

You can expect tuning issues if the strap is tied to a headstock. This can pull out the strings. In this situation, you need to get a strap button and strap it to the guitar heel. You can easily fix the straps on your own. But, repairing it in a professional shop can cost you more.

  1. The changes in weather 

Humidity and extreme temperatures can cause out of tune problems. If you take the guitar to both the warm and dry places, then there are chances of experiencing huge tuning issues. Therefore, when going to each place, check the tuning before you play.


Tuning issues can cause several inconveniences. However, follow the above steps to fix a guitar that is out of tune with a capo.